Dan Snierson
June 07, 2017 AT 07:00 PM EDT

It’s that time of year when videos of celebrities delivering words of wisdom in academic gowns are cluttering your feeds.

Fact: Celebrities love giving a commencement speech. Also fact: There are only so many celebrities who are able to come to your college, which is not conveniently located nor does it have a private helipad. So Jimmy Kimmel recruited some big Hollywood names — Rob Lowe, Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, Bob Odenkirk, Wanda Sykes, Bryan Cranston, Sarah Silverman, Anthony Anderson, and Jack Black — to join forces and offer up a catch-all monologue that can serve as any school’s look-at-who-we got-to-tell-us-how-to-live-our-lives! A-list event.

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“Look to the person on your left,” says Cranston. “Now look to the person on your right. One of you will be dead by the end of my speech.”

Always heed the words of the one who knocks.

Watch the full speech above.

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