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June 06, 2017 at 12:46 PM EDT

When a federal agent has been killed in cold blood, springing the accused from jail is no small feat. And so Power will begin its fourth season on Starz with kingpin/nightclub owner Ghost (Omari Hardwick) drumming up enough support to get out on bail ­following the shooting death of Agent Greg Knox (Andy Bean) at the end of season 3. (For the why-haven’t-you-checked-out-this-drama-yet uninformed: Knox had been closing in on a mole inside the FBI when he was murdered by the rat himself — fellow agent Mike Scandoval, played by David Fumero.)

When Ghost’s ex, federal prosecutor Angela ­Valdes (Lela Loren), found his fingerprints in Knox’s apartment, he became a key suspect. “That’s why I call the first episode ‘When I Get Out,'” creator/executive producer Courtney A. Kemp tells EW. “It’s about him trying to keep it together because he knows he didn’t do it, and Angela is scheming and mad at him. She actually thinks he did it.”

Hardwick is particularly proud that the new season will kick off with Ghost working out his aggression in the jail gym (ergo, EW’s exclusive shirtless shot of Hardwick and the massive angel tattoo that stretches over his shoulder and across his back —
which is real, by the way).

“It’s extremely corny to have a guy who’s physical but not have him working out,” says Hardwick. “It doesn’t make any sense. I can’t stand that about shows or films. Ghost is caged in. It’s partly symbolic of a lion trapped who can’t roar. He has to maintain his sanity, so he uses weights.”

The result is an authenticity anyone with eyesight can appreciate.

Here are more exclusive shots from the new season of Power, which begins June 25 at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.

Myles Aronowitz/Starz
Myles Aronowitz/Starz

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