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June 05, 2017 AT 02:36 PM EDT

Stitchers is finally back for its third season. And the science fiction-based Freeform series will be bringing some more answers with it this time round — especially in regards to Kirsten’s parents.

When the series last left off, Kirsten (Emma Ishta) had decided to remain in the stitch of Liam’s brain after coming across one of her own memories of her mother — who her long lost sister Ivy had revealed had been alive all along— with the team anxiously trying to bring her back. As it turned out, the younger version of Cameron (Kyle Harris) who’d been popping up in her stitches was actually an anomaly caused by her father, Daniel Stinger. He’d been hacking into Kirsten’s consciousness during stitches, using the fifth quantum computer that was in his possession.

With the show kicking off the season on such a nail-biting note, EW spoke to Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris, who bring Kirsten and Cameron (a.k.a. “Camsten”) to life week after week, about what viewers can expect for their characters… and a few others.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The first episode picks up three days after the finale. How will we find the team when we return? Has Kirsten’s condition changed any?
ISHTA: No. Her condition has not changed at all.
HARRIS: Kirsten is essentially still stuck in the memory with her mother and she’s refusing to come out. The team has tirelessly spent every option that they can think of to get her out of there safely. They’ve hooked her up to an IV and they’re just basically keeping her a vegetable at this point. After exhausting all of those options, Cameron goes to all of these lengths that he would never think he would go to and pulls some moves in the stitch to get her out of there, even though he knows if these plans work this will possibly put a dent in their relationship forever because of what he’s about to do. He’s willing to risk that, and hopefully smooth things out when she comes to.

Last season we saw that Kirsten’s emotions started to come back. Will there be any lingering effects from this stitch this season?
ISHTA: Well, that’s definitely one of Cameron’s concerns. It is a recurring theme this season. “How has this stitch affected her?” But she’s definitely on this emotional journey like she has been from season 1. Every season she just becomes a more fuller, emotional human being. You’ll see that growth throughout the season.
HARRIS: Off that note, it is a kind of a back and forth. Did Kirsten see something that she didn’t see in that stitch? Or did someone “hack” that memory and has implanted information? It’s about what she think she saw and whether or not that’s a neurological thing that went wrong, or if that’s someone who hacked the stitch like we saw in the finale. So that’s another layer of what we’re trying to uncover.

Will there be more hacks this season or is this the big one and we’re still dealing with the ramifications?ISHTA: In terms of anyone interfering with the actual stitching, this is really the one and now we’re dealing with the ramifications.

Will there be any anomalies?
HARRIS: We get to the bottom of the anomaly we did see. We find out who it was and what we do with that information.
ISHTA: And there are messages that are sent through the stitch in a different way.

Tony Rivetti/ABC Family

What cases will we see the team tackle?
ISHTA: There’s a lot of fun cases and they’re a little bit higher stakes. We also find out the true purpose of the Stitchers program in the first episode, which means that everything has a little more gravity to it.
HARRIS: The cases definitely go in places we’ve never gone before. Right now, we’re dealing with a victim who’s been abducted by an alien. Or we’re dealing with a girl who might have been a sex slave to some man who we find out is an actual love doll. There are some weird, kind of creepy twists and turns. We go a little dark with it. Things you wouldn’t normally expect the team to tap into, they’re going for this season, which is nice. We’re getting to a little grittier crime… Those episodes stand out to me because they’re a little off the beaten path for Stitchers. Also, we stitch into a man we think Cameron’s father killed. So we find out the backstory with Cameron’s father, from season 2, how he was involved in the Ponzi scheme. So Cameron kind of comes to terms with his father being in prison the whole time. He hates him because he thinks he’s killed this man in prison and so they get to hash out their relationship in that episode.
ISHTA: That’s my favorite episode of Stitchers thus far. It has the most depth.

Is Stinger going to be a bigger part of Kirsten’s life this season?
ISHTA: He’s definitely going to be a driving force throughout this season. The search for her parents always are. He’s a bigger part of this season than he was last season, physically, but also in so much as his shadow looms over everything.
HARRIS: He’s our big bad. We don’t know what his intentions are, but he’s definitely leaning towards the super villain. Whether or not it’s out of love for Kirsten or not, it comes off as evil.

Is Ivy a bigger part of the team this season?
ISHTA: There is that question: “How much can we trust Ivy?” Kirsten and Ivy develop more of a relationship. Ivy also develops this pretty strong relationship with someone else in the program. So there’s definitely that question of “Can we trust her? Can we not?” She becomes a lot more involved with the team, and somewhat with the cases too.

What steps is the team taking to find Kirsten’s mom now that they know she’s alive and related to the main reason for the program?
HARRIS: What we kind of know about Kirsten’s mom right now is that she is in a cryogenic chamber, and Kirsten at the end of episode 2 reveals that information to Cameron and that’s kind of the penultimate way of her saying, “You have my total trust. I have your total trust. We know this information and no one else does.” So that’s kind of the tip of the iceberg as far as where her mom lies this season. So we know she’s being kept alive. But we don’t know for what or who put her there.

Speaking of a big act of trust, will we see anything romantic between Kirsten and Cameron?
: I would say you see all sorts of romantic things between them this season. If you’ve been wanting them to kiss, they kiss. If you wanted more, they do more. There’s a lot.
ISHTA: It’s all about “Camsten” this season. All bets are off.
HARRIS: It’s great to see them be fully happy with each other at work, and also outside of work. With that comes a lot of conflicts because where do you draw the line between boyfriend and co-worker? So it’s an interesting dynamic.

Is there anything you can tease about Linus and Camille and what they’re up to this season?
: They’re not “up to” each other this season. But they’re up to other things this season.
HARRIS: We have a great guest star who’s recurring this season, Anna Akana, and she plays Camille’s love interest. She is a medical examiner who works at the morgue.
ISHTA: She’s the person who gives us our corpses and then hides it.
HARRIS: It’s very sexy. [Laughs] And then Linus starts to find companionship with Ivy. Obviously Camille and Linus both want the best for each other, but with Linus getting involved with Ivy, that creates conflict between not only Camille and Linus, but between Linus and Cameron and Kirsten. Because everyone’s trying to find out what Ivy’s actual purpose and intentions are. It puts a divide between the team…It just kind of raises the question because at the end of the day she could be the one responsible for almost killing Kirsten. Or, that could have been her father. Once family is involved, things get messy. It’s definitely all relationship based this season. Sometimes you’re left wondering whether it’s for the best or not.

Stitchers season 3 premieres at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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