Dan Heching
May 26, 2017 AT 09:45 AM EDT

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade has been hunting deadly aquatic beasts for nine seasons on River Monsters, and it’s all coming to a climactic end this Sunday when he investigates “a double tragedy” on a Malaysian lake.

The grisly, chiseled British fisherman, who previously shared with EW some of his closest brushes with death on the series, is still on the hunt for a certain giant Asian fish called a Tapah, which he says is the only fish that still eludes him.

In the series finale, Wade unexpectedly hooks a third predator, the aggressive snakehead fish, which has a snapping jaw and some sharp, sharp teeth. “Quite a feisty thing,” Wade says upon its capture — and he would know. If Jaws was difficult for you to watch, this may be too much as well.

For those up to the challenge, however, Animal Planet will air every single episode of River Monsters during an epic finale weekend marathon, which started today at 6 a.m. ET. The show casts its final line Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. Grab some popcorn sushi and tune in!

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