May 26, 2017 at 07:46 AM EDT

Is President Donald Trump more eloquent than a fourth grader? Not according to Jimmy Kimmel, who tapped fourth graders to illustrate how simplistic Trump’s speeches really sound.

Noticing how Trump’s presidential addresses are “a lot like a fourth grade book report,” with the president speaking “very slowly and simply” and “not too bigly,” the late-night host had actual fourth graders read some of POTUS’ scripted speeches from his international trip compiled in a “My Big Trip” presentation.

Kids took turns reading pieces that were then compared to footage of Trump delivering the remarks IRL. “The Middle East is rich with natural beauty vibrant cultures and massive of amounts of historic treasures,” one girl said in the segment from Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. “In addition to ancient wonders, this country is also home to modern ones,” another said.

As Kimmel told his audience, Trump “stays in the middle and uses vocabulary even a child could understand.”

Watch in the clip above.

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