Derek Lawrence
May 21, 2017 AT 01:04 AM EDT

Goodbye, Bobby Moynihan and Drunk Uncle.

Before he departs SNL after nine seasons, Moynihan brought his hilariously drunk and inappropriate character back one last time to “Make America Drunk Again.”

Moynihan joined Colin Jost on “Weekend Update” and didn’t waste any time before spouting offensive comments. In his greeting to Jost, he pounded fists with the anchor and declared, “Whites.” Then, Drunk Uncle wanted a high-five “down south” and exclaimed, “Send them back there.”

The controversial opinions from the popular character didn’t end there, as he ran through a laundry list of random thoughts. “Yeah, I thought La La Land should have won,” he opined. “Ghostbusters should be men!”

After singing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” Drunk Uncle got reflective and told Jost that he was his best friend, pleading for them to do a shot together. When Jost finally agreed, Moynihan pulled out a gun. The duo hugged as the show went to commercial.

Moynihan can next be seen in the upcoming CBS comedy Me, Myself, and I.

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