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Last Night on Late Night

Kerry Washington, Jimmy Fallon sing through hysterical Whisper Challenge


Jimmy Fallon’s Whisper Challenge is already difficult… unless, of course, you’re John Cena. Now add singing and Kerry Washington to the mix and you have to hold back laughter as Fallon and his guest struggle to guess song lyrics.

The object of the game, for those needing a refresher, is to guess the song your partner is singing while wearing noise-canceling headphones. As we mentioned earlier, Cena is exceptionally good at this, but it’s funnier to see what lyrics guests come up with through some bad lip reading.

While Washington sang “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King, Fallon guessed “There You Feel the Love Inside.” Where Washington sang Alanis Morissette’s “It’s Like Rain On Your Wedding Day,” Fallon offered “That’s Raining, That’s Crazy, It’s Ringing.” Where Fallon sang Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” Washington thought it was “Ree, Ree, Ree, Ree, Russians.”

Washington appearance on The Tonight Show Wednesday comes after ABC announced the final season of Scandal.

“I think we’re all a little sad but also we feel grateful to have the information,” she said on Good Morning America. “Sometimes as an actor you don’t know when you’re going to be out of a job, so it’s nice actually to go into the last season knowing that it’s our last season. We’re already talking about how it’s going to be, like, no-holds-barred, better than ever, no holding punches, putting it all out on the table.”

Watch the latest Singing Whisper Challenge in the clip above.