Nick Romano
May 18, 2017 AT 08:15 AM EDT

Get ready to rumble in 2020. Jimmy Kimmel is already looking ahead to the next presidential election in the U.S., and with Dwayne Johnson’s teasery sound bite about possibly running for office, the late-night show imagined what the 2020 race would look like with Donald Trump and The Rock in the ring.

“I think an actual rock might beat Donald Trump at this point,” Kimmel joked on his show Wednesday, though he said Johnson does have the necessary qualifications.

“He served in the military [in G.I. Joe: Retaliation], he’s worked in the C.I.A. [in Central Intelligence], he handled natural disasters [in San Andreas], he protects our oceans [in Baywatch], and he can handle the tooth [from the film Tooth Fairy]. So it’s not so outrageous,” Kimmel said.

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Using footage of Trump and The Rock from their appearances in the WWE ring, Kimmel envisioned the “greatest race for president/pay-per-view event of all time.” As it happens, Johnson’s trash talk also applies to the year 2017. “You come out here, you run down our country. It’s a country we love, it’s a country we’re proud of,” he said.

And for the stinger, he added, “We don’t boo you because you support Russia.”

Watch the election smackdown in the clip above.

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