May 17, 2017 at 09:23 AM EDT

Stephen Colbert hasn’t been shy about his feelings on the recent events of the Trump administration, regularly reacting to them in his show’s monologues. However, Tuesday night, he decided to take a relaxing break for a segment with War Machine star Brad Pitt. The short bit, titled “Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars,” saw Colbert and Pitt laying on a picnic blanket as they pondered some of life’s big questions while jokingly attempting to answer them and giving each other pun-ny nicknames.

“Do you believe in life after death?” the Late Show host asked his guest.

“I’m not sure,” answered Pitt. “I definitely believe in death after life.”

The duo even snuck in a Fight Club reference when Colbert asked Pitt if anyone could truly know themselves. Answered Pitt, “Doesn’t matter… In the end, we were all Edward Norton the entire time.”

But despite the light-hearted and funny exchange, Colbert couldn’t help but get a little political.

When “Vladmir Pitt-in” asked him what he saw up in space, the host replied, “I see an endless void, no answers, no meaning, no way to construct meaning from chaos,” before clarifying that he was commenting on a cloud that “kind of looks like Sean Spicer.”

Watch the video above.

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