May 17, 2017 at 08:12 AM EDT

You remember Schoolhouse Rock, don’t you? The educational program used music and cartoon animation to, among other things, explain how a bill becomes a law. Jimmy Kimmel decided to remake the program to reflect what he calls “the new American way,” so instead, kids today can learn about how one of President Donald Trump’s “lies” becomes an “alternative fact.”

“We are now living in a world of alternative facts,” Kimmel told his audience Tuesday night. “The president makes statements every day that aren’t necessarily based in truth, which is frustrating to some people and confusing to others, especially young people. You know, we’re raised to believe that the president tells the truth, but that isn’t necessarily the case anymore. So to bring children up to date on the new American way, we took a queue from Schoolhouse Rock…and hopefully, this will explain how it all works now.”

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In the cartoon spoof, a boy discovers a lie sitting on the steps of the White House in tears. “I’m just a lie,” he sings. “Yes, I’m only a lie. I’m so untrue I just want to cry. Well, I just popped out of the president’s brain and the very idea of me is completely insane, but someday I’m gonna be a fact. Oh yes, I’ll try and I’ll try, but today I am still just a lie.”

The lie explains to the boy that his purpose is to “make the president feel good about himself” and sometimes “even help him sell his policies to voters.” He then illustrates how Trump’s lies are spread and debated.

“See, first the president tweets and his followers retweet me,” the lie sings. “They try to debunk me, all they do is repeat me and across the internet I’ll fly. That’s how I’ll spread far and wide.”

Pointing to climate change, he adds: “Not everybody has to believe a lie — only enough to make me a debate…I’m too believable to deny. Pretty soon I’m being debated all over town. Kellyanne [Conway] is spinning me, [Sean] Spicer’s my clown. Everybody here’s taking a side, then the truth will lay down a die ‘cause you can’t tell a fact from a lie. And that’s how it works.”

Watch Kimmel’s remake in the clip above.

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