May 11, 2017 at 11:05 AM EDT

Information is power, and Sierra Dawn Thomas gave away that power when she revealed to Sarah on Survivor: Game Changers that she had a Legacy Advantage she would give to Sarah if she were voted out. Whoops! Armed with that knowledge, Sarah sent Sierra to the jury to get the advantage, which Sierra then willed to her — not realizing that Sarah had not only voted against her but orchestrated it as well.

We asked Sierra all about that strategic snafu and more when the rodeo queen called into EW Morning Live (Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM, channel 105), and she spoke about her fateful decision, why she did not give the advantage to Brad, the loved ones visit from her father, and much more. You can listen to the entire interview below on the EW Morning Live Podcast. Here are a few highlights from our chat.

On why she told Sarah about her Legacy Advantage:
“Ever since the moment I did it, I regretted it. I didn’t think I was going to do it. When I was talking to Sarah it kind of just came out. When I was talking to her I saw the fear in my eyes when I was telling her. I don’t know why I did it. I regretted it. I’ve had so much time to think about it. I still regret it. Survivor got the best of me. There’s no reason why I told her. If I was going to say anything I should have just said it was an immunity idol, not that I got to will it to somebody. I literally dug my own grave.”

On giving Sarah the Legacy Advantage:
“I feel like I got broke up with a long-term boyfriend and my best friend was cheating on him the whole time watching it. That’s literally what it felt like. I thought Brad voted me out. And me and Sarah had a really good relationship. It was hard to see, but we did. I talked to her every night. Every morning, we were cuddle-bunnies under the shelter. Me and that girl had a legit relationship. Because when they were reading the votes, she looked at me shocked. And she said it. I watched her and she said, ‘I’m going to act to make Sierra feel like I didn’t vote her out.’ She did. She played me. She played me like a fiddle. That’s all there was to it.”

On when she figured out Sarah had deceived her:
“Back at Ponderosa. It took a couple of days, but I feel like I’ve had a while to let it digest and so now I’m okay with it. But it really bothered me for a long time because I got played…. I thought it was Brad that wrote my name down.”

On who was in her final three had she survived this latest vote:
“It’s so hard because I want to say Brad and Troyzan, but I did have that relationship with Sarah. I honestly think I probably would have taken Brad and Sarah at this point in the game.”

On why she was such a target after the merge:
“I made a mistake this time. I came in this time saying I am going to come in and I’m going to give it hell from day one. And I did. And I think I obviously went a little too hard. I think the reason I truly went home was my relationship with Brad, but I [also] had a case. I had a case at the end of this game to say I was a part of this, I was in charge of this, I told everyone to do this. And you can’t do that on Survivor. But I learned my first season that I had to have reasons if I got to the end, so I maybe came in a little too hard this time.”

On stuff that never made it to TV:
“There are funny things I wish would have made the episode, like me modeling Debbie’s swimsuit and giving them a little runway show. There was a Tribal where me and Caleb went at it they didn’t show, the episode where he went home. He called me Judge Judy, and I raised my hand and stood up and started yelling at him. And Culpepper’s sitting in between us and I was just telling him, ‘You’ve been sulking all day. You need to fight for your life in this game of Survivor. You think we’re just going to vote for you with you telling us why you deserve to be here?’

“And then we leave Tribal and the look on Brad Culpepper’s face was, you scared the crap out of me. Till this day he still talks about it and says ‘You scared me at that Tribal.’ So that would have been funny to see because nobody’s seen that side of Sierra. I’m excited to meet [Caleb] outside of the game, but I really didn’t like him inside of the game. I think it was just I was irritated, I was starving, and I just didn’t feel like clashing with you at that moment. And for you to call me Judge Judy? I just flew off the handle.”

On comparing her two seasons:
“I really enjoyed season 30. Obviously I made some of my best of friends I’ve ever had in life from season 30. I would say season 30 was a little bit easier for me. I think I just sat back and let things happen. But I think I’m more proud of my season 34 game. Even though I didn’t go as long, I was playing with big competitors. I said at the beginning, not only am I’m going to surprise other players but I want to surprise myself, and I did. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I did things that made me insanely uncomfortable, which is not who I am in real life. So they both were amazing experiences but as far as gameplay, I would have to say my season 34, I’m a little more proud of.”

Listen to the entire interview above — including her thoughts on the loved ones visit and if Brad was hiding behind her strategically —  right after our chat with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Doug Liman about their new film The Wall, and our talk with co-executive producer Denise Huth calling in from the set of The Walking Dead’s 100th episode. Or subscribe on iTunes to listen on the go. Also make sure to check out our Survivor episode Q&A with Jeff Probst as well as Dalton’s full recap, and for more EW Morning Live podcast news, follow us on Twitter @EWMLPodcast.

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