Derek Lawrence
May 11, 2017 at 04:25 PM EDT

The upcoming season of The Bachelorette will make history with Rachel Lindsay, the first black Bachelor or Bachelorette in the franchise. Ahead of the new installment, Saturday Night Live is parodying the “most progressive season ever” in a cut sketch.

Sasheer Zamata plays Lindsay, whose selection of gentleman callers isn’t what she hoped. Her suitors┬áconsist of white guys trying to relate to her by asking if she’s seen Get Out or rapping about Black Lives Matter.

“I think you’re special,” says Chris Pine’s character, donned in African tribe garb. “And that’s why I have to tell you… I have said the word. But only when I sing along to rap music. Now, are they raps I write myself? Yes. Do I feel cool when I say it? Absolutely.”

Lindsay is relieved when Kenan Thompson shows up, but her excitement over seeing a black suitor quickly turns to dread when he reveals his profession as “freelance magician.”

Watch the video above.

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