Alexia Fernandez
May 11, 2017 at 08:08 AM EDT

Mayim Bialik got together with a longtime pal on Wednesday: her Blossom costar Michael Stoyanov, who played her brother on the show.

The Big Bang Theory star posted the photo of them together on Instagram, with the caption, “He looks more like me than I do. Yes. He played my older brother on #blossom. He is helping unzip my dress outside of a dive bar in the village. I love him. @mikestoyanov we are still so much fun after all these years!!!”

Blossom, which aired for five seasons on NBC, premiered in 1990 and ended in 1995. The show centered on Blossom Russo, who lived with her father and two brothers, one of whom was played by Stoyanov, and the other was played by Joey, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence at different stages of the character’s life.

Stoyanov recently appeared on Billions as Terry Burke.

In her new book, Girling Up: How to Be Strong, Smart and Spectacular, Bialik writes she was “teased a lot” while growing up, but she now looks back and is thankful that she was a “late bloomer.”

“I developed late; I was really short, and my body didn’t get curves until I was about 16. I didn’t start my menstrual cycle until late in high school. I was not interested in dating, and as I shared before, I had my first kiss when I was acting in a TV show when I was 14,” she writes. “I didn’t have my first real boyfriend until I was 17, and I never ‘casually’ dated. I never hooked up with guys at camp or at school; I have only had long-term relationships, and I believe very strongly in having one committed partner at a time.”

While she felt embarrassed at the time about her “late bloomer” label, the 41-year-old mother of two is now proud of it.

“I used to feel ashamed that I was such a late bloomer, but now I embrace it,” writes Bialik, who adds, “and I get to experience a lot of beauty and joy and love in ways I never imagined I could when I was a shy, awkward girl.”

Bialik’s new book, Girling Up: How to Be Strong, Smart and Spectacular, is on sale now.

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