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Last Night on Late Night

Colbert on Comey firing: 'How about a special prosecutor?'

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As the political fallout from Donald Trump’s abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey seemed to catch the White House off guard, the president tweeted early Wednesday that Democrats and Republicans alike would find themselves thanking him “when things calm down.”

Hours later on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert pondered the most appropriate way for the American people to express their, ahem, gratitude.

“All right,” Colbert said. “How should we thank [Trump]? We should get him something special — how about a special prosecutor?”

Earlier in the program, during the cold open, Colbert’s team showcased some purported rough drafts of Trump’s letter terminating Comey.

The first draft didn’t fly: “Dear Director Comey: I am terminating you because of the Russian Investigation.”

Neither did the second: “Dear Director Comey: I am terminating you because of NOT the Russian Investigation.”

It only took 56 drafts to get things sorted.

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