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Last Night on Late Night

Chris Stapleton, Kevin Bacon perform 'First Draft' of ZZ Top's 'Legs'

Bacon returns for another “First Drafts” bit on ‘The Tonight Show.’

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It’s time for another session of “First Drafts of Rock,” Jimmy Fallon‘s musical bit envisioning what earlier versions of classic rock songs might’ve sounded like. ZZ Top’s “Legs” landed the Behind the Music-esque spotlight on Monday, with help from Chris Stapleton, who was on hand to perform on The Tonight Show as musical guest. But they needed a drummer, so Kevin Bacon was more than willing to fill the spot.

Bacon suited up as Tom Petty last year for an earlier iteration of “First Drafts,” tackling “Free Fallin’.” This time, he flaunted an overgrown head of hair and mustache as his subbed for Frank Beard, while Stapleton sang, “She’s got legs/ She knows how to use them.”

The first few lines remained true to the actual song, but soon the lyrics became, “She’s got arms/ They’re like legs but on her upper half/ She’s got elbows/ She scrubs ’em when she takes a bath.”

Watch the first draft of ZZ Top’s “Legs” in the clip above.