James Hibberd
May 09, 2017 AT 08:46 AM EDT

To be fair, American Idol wasn’t exactly a show that seemed to have viewers clamoring for its return this past year.

The reality series didn’t inspire the passionate online fandom of, say, Firefly or The X-Files or even Gilmore Girls, where fans have longed for more episodes. Perhaps this has something to do with the very nature of being a reality series instead of a scripted program featuring beloved characters and storylines; reality TV is made to be judged and mocked and watched with a degree of guilty pleasure. One might also point to the short amount of time Idol has been off the air — it was just canceled last year! How can we miss you if you just aired for 15 years in a row?

So it’s perhaps not surprising that it was pretty tough Tuesday morning to find many tweets that seemed anywhere near as happy about Idol‘s return as ABC’s executives were:

But there was some support too:


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