C. Molly Smith
May 07, 2017 AT 02:45 AM EDT

Chris Pine got back in the Star Trek saddle for a Saturday Night Live sketch in which astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (Kenan Thompson) unveiled a lost episode from the sci-fi series.

That episode shows Captain Kirk (Pine) and Spock (Kyle Mooney) enlisting engineering help from Spock’s half-brother named none other than Spocko (Bobby Moynihan). The role was played by actor and nightclub singer Sal Delabate, who was brought in as a ratings’ grab to attract a “far-out audience.”

Needless to say, with his brash nature, Delabate doesn’t exactly fit in with the group. But, when it became clear the episode would never air, he was left to his own devices during the shoot. “Live long and party,” he exclaims, then sets a dance party into motion to the tune of his song “Pizza Beach.”

Of note here beyond the laughs: SNL crew member Akira Yoshimura played Sulu in the sketch, reprising his role as the Star Trek character from the first time Saturday Night Live spoofed the show back in season 1.

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