May 03, 2017 at 04:36 PM EDT

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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Sean Hannity doesn’t like Stephen Colbert, but he likes boycotts even less.

The Late Show host’s Monday monologue was deemed “homophobic” by some, leading to an online hashtag #FireColbert. Hannity came to Colbert’s defense on Wednesday — kind of. The Fox News host tweeted, “I will NOT support #FireColbert. I am vs ALL BOYCOTTS. He is a horrible human being, but if u don’t like him change the channel.”

In the monologue, which can be seen below, Colbert launched into a series of insults at President Donald Trump, with the specific one causing the outrage roping in the Russian president. “In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster,” he quipped.

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Hannity’s stance against boycotts comes two weeks after his former Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly was dismissed. The ouster was forced after backlash and the withdrawal of sponsors over the revelation of numerous sexual harassment allegations against The O’Reilly Factor host.

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