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May 03, 2017 at 05:03 PM EDT

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The month of May is upon us, and with it comes tales of the nascent love and romance of high school proms. To that end, Tonight Show host and general funnyman Jimmy Fallon dropped a little bit of a prom-bomb Wednesday, tweeting out a throwback photo from his actual prom, which shows him in a decidedly more…formative time than what we’re used to.

In the hilarious picture, a pasty Fallon poses next to his tanner — and taller — prom date, who’s rocking some ’90s-style hair and a very Bridesmaids prom dress. The pair pose and smile (Fallon is smiling more eagerly than his date) against a gray crushed velvet backdrop.

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“My date didn’t tell me she was getting a tan and high heels for the prom,” wrote Fallon. “Standing next to her I looked so pale and so small. #PromFail.”

The pic leads up to Wednesday evening’s broadcast of The Tonight Show, which promises to cover other cringeworthy prom moments. Fallon put out a request over Twitter asking fans to share theirs.

So get ready to walk down prom memory lane with Fallon, and share your embarrassing moments from that pivotal time — if you dare.

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