Ruth Kinane
April 20, 2017 at 01:01 PM EDT

Lady bosses of the world, Rachel Bloom is here for you.

In a new video made for Vanity Fair in honor of the magazine’s first conference that celebrates female entrepreneurs, Founders Fair, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star perfectly addresses the difficulties and confusion that come with being a professional woman in a high-powered position, or, as Bloom coins it, a #Ladyboss (don’t forget the hashtag).

As is her style — and that of her sitcom Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — Bloom tackles a prevalent societal issue with humor but without diminishing its importance. The song composed by Bloom (complete with choreography) focuses on the dilemma of being a leader, but also a woman.

The empowering anthem begins with advice, like “suppress the fear of catastrophic failure” and “demand a raise and don’t say ‘I know other people could do my job,’” before moving into the some of the more confusing questions successful women face, like whether or not they should care if co-workers think they’re nice. “Do you think I’m a b—h?/ Well, I don’t give a s–t!/ But if I do give a s–t, does that make me weak?” A Ruth Bader Ginsburg pillow may offer support during these trying times.

Bloom also gives attention to another pressing issue for professional women: What should they wear to work? “How much boob is too much boob? How much boob is too much boob?!” she demands.

The writer and actress may not have the answer to that one, but Derek (the annoying office everyman who has “useful thoughts” on every topic) certainly doesn’t either.


Watch the video above.

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