April 19, 2017 at 07:46 AM EDT

The United Airlines fiasco hits close to home for Matt Damon. The Great Wall actor knows what it’s like to get bumped as the butt of a long-running joke with Jimmy Kimmel. So, instead of fulfilling his duties as a celebrity spokesperson for the airline in a fake ad for Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, he hijacked the spot to air his grievances.

“We’re United Airlines,” he began. “We work hard to get you safely to your destination and that’s why we… You know what? No, no, I can’t do this anymore because I know what it’s like to get bumped. Trust me, I’ve been getting bumped from Jimmy’s show for the past eight years and it takes a toll. We’re people, dammit, and we deserve to be treated with dignity, not told night after night, ‘Oh, there’s somebody more important so take a hike.'”

Sadly, Damon was bumped from the spoof, too, over the sounds of Kimmel dragging him off. “You people are animals,” he screamed.

“In some cases, some people deserved to get bumped,” Kimmel laughed.

Watch the fake ad in the video above.

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