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Last Night on Late Night

Tracy Morgan still calls Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock Kenneth

Does this mean he mistakenly calls himself Tracy Jordan?

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It’s been a little more than four years since 30 Rock went off the air, but Jack McBrayer will always be Kenneth Parcell to Tracy Morgan. As McBrayer explained to Conan O’Brien on Tuesday’s episode of his TBS talk show, his former co-star apparently still thinks Kenneth is his real name.

“I called Tracy on his birthday back in November, and I was like, ‘Hey, Tracy. It’s me. Happy birthday,'” he said. Morgan apparently responded, “Yo, Kenneth. I just gotta say, man, I love you. Thank you for this.”

“Bless his heart,” McBrayer said. “Oh well, I’ve been called worse. Mostly on this show.”

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It’s a priceless description of their relationship, as McBrayer played Tracy’s loyal NBC page (a.k.a “Kenmore Washers & Dryers,” “K-LMNOP,” “albino slave monkey,” and “bowling pin with a face drawn on it”) for seven seasons. The fact that Morgan’s character was named Tracy Jordan was already confusing.

Watch McBrayer on Conan in the clip above.