Clark Collis
April 03, 2017 AT 06:37 PM EDT

The BBC released a new trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who today which shares a lot of material with its predecessor, but does feature a couple of notable additions. The good news for Peter Capaldi is that we see more footage of his beloved Mondasian Cybermen in the promo for the long-running British time travel show. The bad news for his character comes in the form of a shot which would seem to show the Twelfth Doctor starting to regenerate into — well, into whoever new showrunner Chris Chibnall decides should play the Thirteenth version of the science fiction icon.

The new season of Doctor Who — the last for both Capaldi and current showrunner Steven Moffat — costars Pearl Mackie as the Time Lord’s new companion Bill Potts, and Matt Lucas as the returning character Nardole. Michelle Gomez will also return as the villainous Missy. The season premieres on BBC America on April 15.

Watch that new trailer above.

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