Ruth Kinane
March 14, 2017 at 05:09 PM EDT

NBC might just have another hit single-camera comedy on its hands.

This week’s topic of conversation for Bingeworthy hosts Jessica Shaw and Touré is NBC’s upcoming comedy series, Trial & Error. The sitcom tells the story of a New York lawyer, played by Nicholas D’Agosto, who comes to a small town to defend a local man (John Lithgow) accused of killing his wife — it’s basically a comic take on the classic whodunnit. Sherri Shepherd and Jayma Mays also star.

“It’s like The Office in that it’s a mockumentary,” summarizes Touré, “but it’s a procedural, so there’s the trial of John Lithgow for murder… but I love this show!”

“I love it too,” agrees Shaw. “I was actually laughing out loud watching it. When was the last time that happened to you watching a sitcom?” After listing a few sitcoms that have “sucked,” she expressed her surprise that Trial & Error is so clever and funny, considering its March premiere date. “If it was that good, why didn’t it premiere earlier?”

Shaw adds that after the success of The Office, it felt like everyone was trying to do a mockumentary and says very few of them worked. “But I love this show:  it feels like it’s the heir to 30 Rock, the heir to Parks and Rec.”

Trial & Error premieres on NBC on Tuesday, March 14 at 10 p.m. ET. Enjoy the full clip above and catch this full episode of Bingeworthy, available now on the People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) at, or download the PEN app on Apple TV, Roku Players, Amazon Fire TV, Xumo, Chromecast, iOS, and Android devices.

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