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Samantha Highfill
March 12, 2017 at 09:30 AM EDT

In its final hour, The Vampire Diaries wrapped up a lot of story lines and even managed to bring back a number of old characters, from Lucy Bennett to Liz Forbes, and the entire Gilbert family. But in writing the show’s final season, there was one thing (or two) showrunner Julie Plec wasn’t able to work into the story.

“The only dangling thread that we never answered — and we tried all year — was I could never find a way to learn what Sheriff Forbes wrote in that letter that Caroline burned,” Plec says, referencing the letter that Liz wrote her daughter before she died in season 6. Caroline later burned it when her humanity was turned off, an action she quickly came to regret. “We came up with a bunch of really bad pitches but really couldn’t figure it out,” she says. “Perhaps if the entire finale had been set in peace where all these characters could talk to each other again then it would’ve been different.”

The only other thing Vampire Diaries fans had to live without? A final decade dance. “I really wish we could’ve done another decade dance in this final season because it felt like it was the right time to bring that back around,” Plec says. “We broke an episode with a decade dance and then that story line got chucked aside for other things. It was actually the one Ian [Somerhalder] directed, 808, there was a decade dance in that at one point, but we couldn’t make it work.”

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She adds: “That’s my little regret because I made promises at the beginning of the season that we’d see a lot of those events again.”

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