March 07, 2017 at 12:28 PM EST

If you’ve never thought of TV shows in terms of food before, maybe it’s time to start.

On the latest episode of Bingeworthy, host Jessica Shaw begins by comparing ABC’s Shonda Rhimes crime drama The Catch to, um, Chipotle?

“It’s not a great show, but it’s like a delicious fast food meal,” she explains. “It’s like when Chipotle is at its best. It’s like when you’re not getting food poisoning or any salmonella. You’re getting like, rice and beans and it’s delicious.”

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Despite Shaw’s praise, host Touré just can’t seem to forget just how far from reality The Catch tends to stray. “We see this Shonda machine happening… and it creates these beautiful shows with lots of interesting characters and a certain way of conversating,” he says. “It’s sort of a nighttime soap opera. And this is fine in the world of medicine, this is fine in the world of high-stakes D.C. In the world of crime, this does not work! These are supposedly high-class criminals, although quite often they are complete bumbling morons.”

Still, Shaw defends the show, insisting that in order to enjoy it, Touré has to remember it’s not as serious as a show like The Night Of. “Here’s the problem: you’re trying to have this be rooted in some kind of reality,” she says. “This is a fantasy show. This is like a beach, this is vacation.”

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