Nick Romano
March 04, 2017 AT 11:08 AM EST

It’s time for the Democratic Party to bring out their own “alpha pervs,” according to Bill Maher. The host of HBO’s Real Time made a case for backing Democratic politicians like Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner during a segment on his show Friday night.

“If the new normal is a president who has bragged about sexual assault and walking in on naked teenage beauty pageant contestants, and who has spoken lustfully about his own daughter and once said of a fifth-grader, ‘I’m going to date her in 10 years,’ tell me again why someone like Eliot Spitzer is so terrible?” he asked, referring to the Democratic politicians’ prostitution scandal. “Because when a hooker blows a politician,” he added, “it puts a lobbyist out of work.”

Maher argued the “double standard has got to stop, where all the Democrat horn dogs have to go live on a farm, but the Republican hound is allowed up on the furniture in the Oval Office.” Instead of blasting Trump supporters and the Republican Party for this hypocrisy, he called the Democrats to join in the fight.

“Trump supporters just make a different calculation,” he said. “They say, ‘No, I don’t like cheating and p—y grabbing, but, hey, this ain’t a friendly fight, this is a battle for the soul of the country.’ And it is, and since it is, Democrats should be able to be allowed to put our alpha pervs back on the board, especially since the Democratic Party has a proud tradition of excellent horny presidents: F.D.R., J.F.K., L.B.J., and, of course, how about a BJ (Bill Clinton)?”

Who are these “alpha pervs”? Spitzer, whom Maher says is “a choir boy” compared to Trump; Weiner, “our loudmouthed, kicka– New Yorker who’s up all night on social media”; and “someone even worse, and by worse, I mean better: John Edwards.”

“If Trump is indeed the new normal, if it’s perfectly fine for the American president to be Bill Cosby with a super pac, then Democrats have to go all out, too — and that means Spitzer and that means Weiner,” Maher said. “And by the way, next time he runs, no more ‘Anthony Weiner,’ he’s ‘Carlos Danger.'”

Watch Maher in the clip above.

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