Dalton Ross
February 17, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST

There are 20 players returning to compete in Survivor: Game Changers (premiering March 8 on CBS), but let’s face it — some targets are bigger than others. With that in mind, we asked host Jeff Probst out on location in Fiji on day one of the game which players could be in trouble due to their reputation. “I think there’s probably five or six ways this game could go out of the gate,” says Probst. “I can’t remember a season that had that many. I think there’s a possibility that Cirie and Sandra are in trouble because we all know that they’re devastatingly good. And you should know right now that they play a subtle game, but they are really good.”

But there’s hope for some of those old-school players, says the host. “On the flip side, if Sandra, Cirie, and Varner can grab somebody like Culpepper, who might seem like an odd choice, then the people who are in trouble would be Zeke and Michaela and maybe Tai or Aubry — somebody from a newer season.”

Probst also says that while there can be safety in numbers, that also can pose a problem. “I also think the fact that there are four from Kaoh Rong — Tai, Aubry, Debbie, and Caleb — that’s a big target, because you’re just looking at numbers. And they’re not all four going to be on the same tribe, obviously. So I think they might be in trouble.”

And then there is the person with the biggest target of all: the lie-till-you-die champion of Cagayan. “I think a guy like Tony is just begging people to vote him out,” says Probst. ”Much like they wanted to do with Russell. But I don’t think Tony is your best move to vote out first. I wouldn’t vote Tony out for a while. I know I can get Tony. I’d be more concerned about the Varners, the Ciries, and the Sandras. So I’m not sure which way the game is going to go.”

We’ll find out on March 8. In the meantime, watch the video above to see Probst wax prophetic for yourself. And for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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