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Blindspot: Can Jane and Weller ever have anything normal?

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Ever since Weller discovered that the woman he had allowed into his life was not his long-missing childhood friend but instead an imposter who had infiltrated the FBI, fans of the Weller and Jane dynamic on Blindspot have been wondering if the duo could ever reconcile.

The good news is that Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) has slowly re-learned to trust Jane (Jaimie Alexander) as she’s proven to be an invaluable asset in tracking down Sandstorm. The bad news is that their lives are far too complicated for the pair to ever have a traditional relationship — especially when water conservation specialist Oliver (Jonathan Patrick Moore) will soon be reentering the picture. (More on that in this week’s Spoiler Room!) EW turned to Alexander to get scoop on what’s next:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We last saw Jane showing up to Weller’s door with beer. Can you talk about how they’re growing closer in the coming episodes?
JAIMIE ALEXANDER: It’s a peace offering in a way. She’s saying, “I know I’m not here to talk about my brother, but hear me out: He’s my family and you’re the only person that’s going to understand.” She’s the closest with Weller. I think she’s grateful that Weller let Roman into the field. He remembered so much, it was worth it. When he shoots them, it’s terrifying, but somehow Weller understands. It’s Jane’s way of saying, “Thank you, but also you’re the only person I can trust. Please help me.” It’s a really cool moment because, little by little this season, they’re building a really great foundation for a very solid relationship — friendship or romance. In the beginning, we’re just catapulted together and it’s this thing, but now we really get a chance to move slow. Everybody knows the slower you move, the longer it lasts usually.

Can they ever have anything normal, especially considering her feelings for him could be a liability?
The thing is you don’t want to cloud your judgment in a job like that. In the FBI, when things can get a bit hairy, you want to make sure that your eye is on the prize, you’re focused, and you can’t let emotions come into it. With Weller and Jane, there’s just something that they have that’s the same; they get each other. There’s an ease about it. They can sit in the same room and not talk and just be happy that they’re in the same room so they know each other is safe. That’s a really beautiful thing to have with another person. If they’ll ever have anything normal, I don’t think so. I don’t think it could ever be normal, but that’s the beauty in it. That’s why it’s so intoxicating and alluring is that it’s not run-of-the-mill, nor could it ever be. Instead of maybe trying to force it to be something, they should just accept it for what it is.

The psychiatrist basically told them to lock Roman up for good. What does her relationship with Roman look like moving forward?
I think she’s open to hearing opinions from other people, but this is her only thing she has from her past. This is it, and so if this doesn’t work, then she’s really up s— creek without a paddle. There’s no one left for her. She’s trying to save him. She believes there’s good in him. You want to believe that about your siblings and about your family. She wants to protect him. There’s a very maternal thing she does with Roman. He can’t be blamed for what he is or who he is. That’s what she’s been trying to tell the team. This wasn’t his choice. We were taken when we were little, and we were forced to be this. Jane is lucky she got taken in by the FBI and she had some sort of community there. Roman has no one except for Jane. So her trying to explain that to Weller and the team, it just falls on deaf years. It’s sad. The relationship and the dynamic between Roman and Jane is one that’s inseparable. They cling to each other. He needs her because he can’t remember anything, and she needs him because she has no other connection to her past. I think she really thought she was doing a good thing when she wiped his memory because she got a clean start. She doesn’t like who she was. She’s scared that maybe he’s not like her, and that’s the whole nature-versus-nurture thing.

How does Jane feel when she learns, as Roman gets his memories back, that she wasn’t a particularly good person to him?
She wasn’t nice to him, and I think it breaks her heart. She realizes now is her chance to make up for it. There’s going to be some moments throughout the season where she does things to make Roman’s life easier. Just something as simple as getting him a pillow. It’s not asking a lot, it’s just being kind to another human. It doesn’t matter if he’s a bad guy or not. He can’t remember anything, and he’s not doing anything bad right now. His instinct to shoot Weller and Reade was to save their life. He wasn’t trying to hurt them. He is very similar to Jane in a way that they’re trained a certain way. In my theory and Jane’s theory, he knew that he wouldn’t hit them off the vest. He shot for their vest on purpose. There’s two ways of looking at it. I think Jane thinks he was doing it to save their life. They probably don’t feel that way.

Roman’s been remembering a lot in bits and pieces, but we haven’t really seen Jane have new memories. Are we going to see that?
Yes. That was something that I asked Martin about as well. He is kind of the new Jane Doe in a way, but Jane’s got to start remembering some things, and she does. She starts to remember certain things about how mean she was to Roman. There’s an interaction in her past with Roman, Cade, and herself, and she’s starting to remember certain things that she’s even worse than she thought she was. It’s so sad because this poor kid is bullied at an orphanage, he was messed with, she always had to save him. He has always been lost, and Roman in present-day with the wiped memory keeps asking, “Did our mother ever love us?” It’s sad, and all Jane wants to do is take him. I think in a way she wishes he could live with her at her safe house and just treat him fairly. The reason he could potentially become violent is he’s treated like he’s not human, so it’s nature versus nurture. We’re nurturing him to be negative by leaving him in this cell, but then at the same time, it’s keeping a lot of people safe if he’s in that cell.

Deep down, does she trust him? Or is there a part of her that’s still worried?
I think there’s both. There’s a part of her that trusts him because she’s seen pieces of him that care and tears and fear and all these things. She thinks if you’re capable of those emotions, you’re capable of love. Then, at the same time, she’s worried because he is a loose cannon. I think she’s worried any time he’s not with her. Say somebody were to take him anywhere and she wasn’t there, she would be scared to let him go. So that’s something where I think she needs to get to a point in the season where she admits to herself, “He may not be what I thought he was.”

As Phase 2 nears, how far with Jane go to stop it? And she will make decisions she may ultimately come to regret?
Yes. There will be decisions, I think, in hindsight that she will regret. Always by nature, Jane is a good person and is always trying to do the right thing. Again, judgment is clouded with her feelings for Weller, with her feelings for her brother Roman, her quest to try to figure out who she was. She just wants a normal life. I think if she could, she’d probably work as a waitress somewhere and just chill. She doesn’t want to be doing what she’s doing. She’s sort of forced into it. Pretty much she’s forced to put an end to something she began, just as completely two different people. But you will see a lot more Remi coming up.

Is she firmly on the FBI’s side? Or as she learns more about Phase 2 and what Shepherd really wants, might we see some of the Remi side of her rear its ugly head?
I think she sees both sides. I mean, everybody believes they’re justified. She can understand Shepherd’s side, and she can understand the FBI side. Half of the FBI is wrong, and half of it’s right, and the same with Sandstorm. But the ruthless killings that Shepherd does, and she’s very close-minded, that makes Jane go, “This is not right. Yes, the government needs to change because they’re not right either.” So she’s kind of torn. I think what she’s feeling is that there’s something positive on the side with the FBI that she’s trying to be a part of, because she doesn’t want to just go and kill somebody just to prove she can. The FBI would never ask her to do that. She is going to be pretty torn, especially when it comes to her brother, if he gets himself into anything. Emotionally, she’s going to be trapped.

Patterson is determined to get revenge. Will she and Jane bond over that?
There is a little bit of bonding there. We just shot a scene that was really good. I can’t really talk about it, but I love Ashley. Her arc is actually my favorite this season. I really am drawn in by her character and Roman’s character. We’ve had so many great actors come on. Tom Lipinski, who plays Cade, and then Archie Panjabi is one of my most favorite humans ever. Then we have Luke Mitchell, who I can’t imagine anybody else playing Roman. He’s a big guy, and at the same time, you just want to give him a hug as Roman. There’s a sadness, a sweetness there, and he plays it so well.

Sandstorm is always one step ahead.
And you find out why.

Is there another mole?
You’ll find out in episode 16 why they’re one step ahead, and I was like, “What the f—.”  It’s crazy what ends up happening. There will be a series of flashbacks where, without knowing, all of us filmed something that plays into how they know certain things, and we, as actors, didn’t even know. There’s going to be flashbacks of moments that things were happening as to why they’re one step ahead. Martin’s just a genius with that kind of stuff.

As we head toward Phase 2 and the finale, will the question of whether Jane is a good person play a big role?
I think we know she’s a good person. The only thing that would force her to do something that might be less-than-ideal would be an emotional attachment to whoever or whatever is on the other side. She tries to stay militant. Sometimes she’ll flip into Remi a bit to just stay focused.

Martin Gero has said this season will answer a lot of questions about the series as a whole.
He’s told me that. I’ll go, “What happens? He’ll go, “Do you really want to know?” I’ll go, “Yes.” He’ll tell me one thing, and he’ll get distracted, and I’ll be like, “Martin!” I don’t want it to ever affect my performance if I know what’s going to happen. I’ve got so much memorizing, the stunts and all that stuff. I think taking it week by week, episode by episode, is easier for me as an actor, but I’m so invested. I mean, I’m on the show, and I find it awesome.

Blindspot airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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