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Christian Holub
January 11, 2017 at 09:30 AM EST

Michael K. Williams is probably most famous for his portrayal of Omar Little, the honorable shotgun-toting Baltimore outlaw, from The Wire. These days, the actor has his own Viceland show, Black Market, in which he explores various different illegal trades. It was for this reason that The Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. turned to Williams on Tuesday night’s show. Wood was investigating the banning of gun emojis from the Apple store.

Gun control laws have become almost impossible to pass, even in the wake of tragedies like the Sandy Hook and Pulse nightclub shootings. Anti-gun activist Leah Barrett tells Wood that she decided to settle for what she saw as the next-best thing: Banning gun emojis from the Apple Store. According to Barrett, this was a way to “elevate the issue.”

Wood had a feeling there was still a way to get gun emojis, however, so he went to Williams. Doing an impersonation halfway between Omar and his Black Market persona, Williams handed Wood a secret briefcase. But this package wasn’t filled with physical guns or other real weapons; rather, it showed Wood third-party apps that can still let you use a gun emoji.

Watch the clip below.

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