Rachel DeSantis
January 11, 2017 at 12:14 PM EST

Single ladies, listen up: Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a wine-fueled cryfest this year, and for that, you can thank Idris Elba.

That’s right: the British actor wants to be your Valentine… for a cause. Elba is teaming up with nonprofit organization W.E. Can Lead for a donation-based sweepstakes that’ll grant one lucky winner an all-expenses-paid romantic night.

Hopefuls can head here to donate different amounts to the organization, which is dedicated to educating young women in Africa, in return for entries for the prize. The more money donated, the more entries you’ll receive.

As for the big night, expect a date night of Bachelor proportions (yes, that includes airfare, a hotel, and a candlelit meal at one of Elba’s favorite restaurants).

“For dessert, I’ll let you have whatever you want,” Elba says, as if the prospect of a date with the Thor star couldn’t be more enticing. “And I mean whatever you want.” He’ll even let you pound his yams, which you can take to mean as you will.

Watch the video above, and do your best to calm your beating heart.

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