Will Robinson
January 10, 2017 at 09:41 PM EST

On the first day of confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s cabinet positions, Stephen Colbert has his own way to describe the process. And it leaves the comparison to the minds of viewers.

“Trump’s transition is still steaming along like a — what’s a big steaming thing?” Colbert says. “Anyway, it’s steaming, is the important thing. Clears the pores when you put your face over it.”

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions — whom Colbert calls a “Keebler Elf who escaped the tree” — is up for Attorney General and was the first prospective appointee to endure a confirmation hearing. Colbert then played a clip where Sessions was asked if he can “be confirmed Attorney General of United States over the objection of 1,400 law professors?” prompting laughs in the Washington, D.C. hall.

“It’s funny, because nothing matters,” Colbert added after laughter.

See the clip below.

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