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Blindspot: Patterson's fate revealed! What's next?

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the winter premiere of Blindspot. Read at your own risk.

Blindspot truly put Patterson through the wringer in the NBC drama’s winter premiere.

Facing off with newly revealed Sandstorm mole Borden (Ukweli Roach), Patterson (Ashley Johnson) was shot and taken to Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) to be tortured. Ready to give her life for the cause, Patterson refused to divulge information under torture.

Fortunately, the team was able to locate her in time thanks to Tasha (Audrey Esparza) following a lead — and no thanks to Roman (Luke Mitchell), who truly can’t remember anything now after being ZIP’d by Jane (Jaimie Alexander). Though Roman was nearly turned over to the CIA, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) put his career on the line to work with Jane’s brother and even get Naz (Archie Panjabi) reinstated. And they have a new lead: A video of a test run of Jane’s ink revealed a new tattoo! EW turned to executive producer Martin Gero to get the scoop on what’s next:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What does Jane and Roman’s dynamic look like moving forward?
MARTIN GERO: It is so great. It’s one of my favorite parts about the show. First of all, Luke Mitchell has been such an extraordinary addition to the cast. He’s really been blowing the doors off this character. It’s such a hard character to do because he’s such a terrible, terrible person. I mean, one of the first things we see him do is kill five police officers. He’s one of the most wretched characters on the show, but he has this humanity and this deep love for Jane that we can’t help but get swept up in. In many ways, he’s going to be like Jane was at the beginning of the series, which is he has no memories. His mind has been wiped, so he has memory fragments, all of which are totally terrifying to him. One of the questions we had with Jane was: Is it nature or nurture? Now that she was able to move on from her past, was she always an innately good person? With Roman, we’re trying to investigate if that can be repeated. It’s not as easy as we thought.

Is it a ticking time clock in terms of Jane coming to regret not being forthcoming with Roman about wiping his memories?
It’s definitely something that dangles over that entire relationship for the rest of the season. It’s a betrayal that makes an enormous amount of sense, but lies have a bad way of resurfacing at just the exact wrong moment. It’s not something we’re dealing with right away; certainly the emotional repercussions of it, we’re dealing with. Roman and Jane’s relationship just gets stronger and stronger. If anything, you start to develop this incredible empathy for this guy who is trapped in a cage down there and doesn’t remember what he did wrong. Luke and Jaimie both really rise to the challenge and imbue those scenes with such beauty, strength, and vulnerability. It’s really amazing to watch.

Remy was so driven to fulfill Sandstorm’s mission. So will Jane ever come around to seeing Shepherd’s side of things or is she firmly on the FBI’s side?
She’s firmly on the FBI side now. Her allegiance is not up in the air. She starts to realize what a terrible person she was to Roman, potentially, in the past. That takes her by surprise a little bit. No, I think her allegiance is very much with the FBI. She’s seen how awful Shepherd is. I just finished an amazing episode — episode 13 is coming up, directed by Glen Winter, who most people love from all of the [Greg] Berlanti shows, especially the Supergirl pilot — and there’s a moment where Roman is really struggling with trying to figure out who the good guy is. Which is the right side? Is Jane sure that she hasn’t been brainwashed the other way, basically? It’s some really great scenes with some really great actors that make for some delicious television.

Roman is starting to remember his past in fragments. How will that affect him? And how will working with him in the field be different than what it was like with Jane?
With Jane, they didn’t know that she was a terrorist, right? So they gave her a long leash. Whereas Roman is in the Hannibal Lecter cell downstairs. They don’t let him into the field as easily as they let Jane in. They don’t let him try to regain a normal life like they did Jane. He’s working from a deficit because he’s a prisoner who played a hand in killing dozens of FBI agents. The scene in this episode between him and Director Pellington is so heartbreaking.

Patterson really proves how much of a badass she is in this episode. How will being tortured affect her?
Oh yes, there will definitely be after-effects that she’s dealing with pretty seriously. She deals with it in a very Patterson way, which is, “I’m fine and I want to get back to work.” Even at the end of this episode, she doesn’t want to lay in a hospital bed; she’s already on her computer breaking code. She will be out in the field a little bit more, not a ton more, but the blood’s in the water and she wants revenge.

Patterson points out to Shepherd that everyone abandons her. Will that start to get under Shepherd’s skin? How dangerous is Shepherd now?
She’s dangerous in a sense that we don’t have anyone next to her. Even though we, Naz especially, felt like maybe Jane wasn’t getting enough information as she potentially could, now we’re totally in the dark. We don’t know where Shepherd is, we don’t know what she’s doing. The one person we have is Roman, but unfortunately, his memory has been wiped. It’s a frustrating thing. We’re taking a lot of chances. We’re trying to spark memories in Roman hoping he’ll give us a key or a clue to what Phase 2 could be. Also, there’s some fun faces from the past that start to show up and help out in surprising ways.

Like Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer).
Yeah, absolutely. Rich Dotcom shows up. He’ll be in episode 14. It’s really great. Not only is Rich Dotcom back, but Josh Dean, who plays Boston Arliss Crab, is too. We’ve also added — this will be really exciting to some people — the two guys from this podcast called Superego, Mark McConville and Matt Gourley. That episode is so funny. Everyone really kills it. That’s a great one to look out for.

Kurt is apparently crucial to the endgame of Phase 2, but how does Shepherd expect him to cooperate? Are they relying on his feelings for Jane or is it something else?
It’s difficult to talk about. Yeah, I mean, they want him because of all his positive attributes, let me put it that way. I feel like I’ve even said too much! His connection to Jane is certainly part of it.

Everything will fall on Weller if anything goes wrong. So what’s next in that regard?
Weller has been struggling all year. What’s great about the second half of the season is part of the reason he was struggling was his relationship with Jane, on top of everything, has been so strained. What’s nice to see in this episode, and it just gets deeper and deeper every episode, is his relationship — Jane and him are kind of twin souls. They’ve both had terrible pasts, they’ve both been manipulated by this woman, for one reason or another that they don’t understand. No one really understands Jane better than Weller, and no one really understands Weller better than Jane. For them to have such a strained relationship in the first part of the season, and now for them back to trusting each other, they really start to work together in a way that I think is deeply satisfying and will be deeply satisfying for fans especially.

Will Allie’s pregnancy start to distract Weller?
I think Weller is just a distracted guy, which is something that we talk about in one of the early episodes in the new year. He’s got a lot on his plate and it might be that all of this is making it difficult for him to focus on all aspects of being the Assistant Director of the NYO.

What can you tease about the new tattoo? Can we solve it ourselves? Why would they remove it? How soon will we get answers?
You can for sure solve it yourself. I would be totally shocked if you did. It is real hard. It’s very difficult. It really took us a while to figure out how to do it right. It will be solved a lot sooner than you think. It’s not going to be the next episode, but just keep watching. It leads to a really, really fun episode.

Will we get to meet the person who created the puzzles for Sandstorm?
For me, the people who created the puzzles for Sandstorm have always been Shepherd, Roman, and Jane, so yeah, we’ve met them. There’s no dark puzzle master.

Is there more on this cell phone besides that video?
No, that’s it.

What’s Borden’s role in Phase 2 moving forward?
Ukweli Roach is so amazing. He really gets to show a whole different side of himself now. He basically gets to be…

A crazy spider monkey! His moves were insane in this episode!
Oh my God, that fight! He’s a gifted dancer and is an actual guy that does parkour all the time. His fight sequences are spectacular. He, in Roman’s absence, becomes her right-hand man.

Is there another mole?
I’ll leave that to you to decide.

What can you tease of what’s next for Phase 2? Will we see it by season’s end?
Yup. These next 13 episodes have an enormous amount of payoff in them, both for the first half of season 2 and all of season 1. We’re leaving it all on the floor here this season. We’ve very excited about it. We’re stoked on the scope of story we’ve been able to tell. Like last year, we really believe that these seasons should have a satisfying beginning, middle, and end. I think people are going to be blown away by the end of the season — not just the last episode, but the last batch of episodes.

Blindspot airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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