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December 20, 2016 at 02:20 PM EST

With Emma and Regina stuck in the wish realm and our heroes coming one step closer to the grim fulfillment of the prophecy, EW has decided it’s time to put Once Upon a Time executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis in The Hot Seat, where they have the option of answering your questions from Twitter with “Yes,” “No,” or “Can’t say.” Get the scoop below:

Will we be seeing Killian in the alternate universe?

Will a true love’s kiss break the curse in the AU?
HOROWITZ: Well, who said there’s a curse?
KITSIS: That would assume there’s a curse. I don’t think there is one. That’s the whole point. It’s the world where there is no curse.
HOROWITZ: Yeah, the wish realm, as we call it, isn’t a curse. It’s now a real place.

Will we find out how Snow and Charming banished the Evil Queen in this universe?
KITSIS: It’s not really that relevant.

Is there more to learn about the Savior mythology that we don’t know yet?

Will the shears come back into play?

Will we be seeing more of Aladdin, Jasmine, and Jafar in the latter half of the season?
HOROWITZ: Oh yeah.

Will we see the Black Fairy again?

Will we see Pan and the Black Fairy interact?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say. If you are asking if we’re going to see Rumple conceived, I’m going to say the Black Fairy and Malcolm conceived him, not Pan.

Will we ever find out Gold’s first name?
KITSIS: No. Never. That’s what makes it awesome.
HOROWITZ: Maybe at Comic-Con 2050.
KITSIS: You know what makes it so awesome? That you don’t know. If I said to you, “Hey, his name is Jeff,” it loses its mystery. He has a first name: It’s Mister. [Laughs]

Does Henry still see the Evil Queen as his mom?  

Will we find out why Regina’s heart is still black despite being split from the Evil Queen?
KITSIS: Yeah, we’re actually going to fully get into what we’ve posed, which is can you separate the good from the bad, the dark from the light, or is it something that’s inside us that we have to live with and deal with?
HOROWITZ: The condition of Regina’s heart becomes very important.

Will we get to see how the Evil Queen feels about Robin Hood?
KITSIS: 100 percent.

Will we get to see Roland again?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will Belle learn who sped up her pregnancy?

Do Snow and Charming spend time taking turns in the Netherworld when they’re sleeping?

If the gang returned to the Enchanted Forest for good, would Regina still be queen?

Will we see more of the Land of Untold Stories in the second half of the season?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.
KITSIS: The characters.
HOROWITZ: Definitely the characters. Whether we return to the actual realm, we can’t say, but the characters, yes.

Will we find out who the Dragon’s daughter is?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will Mulan ever get her happy ending?
HOROWITZ: We sure hope so.

Will we see young Snow return?
KITSIS: Bailee [Madison]? We’d love to.
HOROWITZ: We’d love to, but can’t say right now.

Are we ever going to find out the meaning behind Emma’s wrist tattoo?

Any new couples forming this season?
HOROWITZ: There’s always new couples forming around the world in different cities and towns, but on the show?
KITSIS: We can’t say.

Is there going to be a wedding this season?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Are there other true love saplings in the world?
KITSIS: I’d like to think there are, whether we show them or not.

Will an important character really die without coming back?
KITSIS: Yes. Or no. Can’t say.

Are you guys considering any other Once Upon a Time spinoffs?
HOROWITZ: Not immediately, no.

Is the Gideon we saw in the finale the same one who appeared in Belle’s dream?

Once Upon a Time returns in March 2017.

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