The Gate-Crasher

By Keith Staskiewicz
August 02, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

The smart, sharp blonde, 32, has stormed the comedy frat house with her hit sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, mixing bawdy hilarity and keen social observation in a way we haven’t seen since Chappelle’s Show. EW grabbed three (progressively alcoholic) rounds with the Comedy Central star at Manhattan’s 230 Fifth to discuss her big year.

Round 1 Club soda and cranberry juice, twist of lime
Amy Schumer This is for if you’re flirting with a yeast infection.

People have described your persona as someone who says filthy things, but daintily. Do you accept that?

AS People definitely say that, but I don’t feel especially dirty. I want to talk about the things that interest me and I think are funny. And sex is part of that.

My favorite was NPR’s Terry Gross asking you, in her dulcet tone, ”Do you really think of yourself as a slut?”

AS That was rough. And I love that show! Just hearing her say your name is so crazy. But she was definitely talking to me like she’s never seen a penis before. And I was like, ”Terry, can we just be real right now?”

Round 2 California Chardonnay
Do you feel like New Hollywood? You’ve got that New Hollywood smell.

AS [Sniffs] You’re right! Recently, for the first time when I landed at LAX, I was coming down the escalator and I saw the paparazzi and I looked around and was like, ”I wonder who’s here.” They yelled, ”There she is!” and then I realized it was me.

Round 3 Glenlivet scotch, neat
AS Cheers! [Takes a sip] This just makes me think that life might be okay. What was I talking about? This is becoming an episode of Drunk History.

Your show is done on the East Coast. Do you prefer New York to L.A.?

AS Whenever I visit L.A., I have a good time, but I’m always happy to come back. It’s like Biggie said, ”Cali, great place to visit….”

So, Biggie over Tupac?

AS Oh my God, no question.

How many seasons of Inside Amy Schumer do you have…

AS …inside Amy Schumer? Season 1 felt good, so I hope a bunch more? I think. Sure. Maybe?