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Zoo recap: Sex, Lies and Jellyfish

“So we’re going after a crazy, drug-addled venom dealer in the middle of a hurricane.” You betcha!

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Shane Harvey /CBS


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James Wolk, Nonso Anozie, Billy Burke, Nora Arnezeder
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Chloe may be gone on Zoo, but the rest of the gang is back together again and making huge strides toward finding a cure. As to whether those strides make perfect sense — well, hey, I’ve never been in an animal apocalypse. How do I know if you can figure out exactly when an immortal jellyfish’s genes mutated after stealing one from an anti-venom dealer with the help of a few killer spiders?

As for that apocalypse-fighting gang, despite losing its fearless French leader, it’s actually a lot bigger than we last left it. For one, Dariela is now officially in The Breakfast Club opening sequence as an “Army Ranger.” Allison Shaw seems to have also stuck around, roaming around the plane while staring seriously at various Apple products. She’s named Mitch the official new leader (“I can’t be here to Charlie you Angels all the time”), but she’s still making the big decisions, like if returning Avenger Jamie and her new pal Logan are fit to stick with the group.

And you might be surprised at which one ends up being more of a question mark. Jamie, for one, seems unreasonably angry at everyone who just rescued her from hungry Canadian polar bears. Her main beef is that Dariela sorta-kinda killed her best friend (or at least got her killed), and her main way of dealing with it is by attempting to fight Dariela — a noted Army Ranger and the “toughest team member” — in the middle of a bout of turbulence. Needless to say, it doesn’t go well.

But after getting a glimpse of that toe — or lack thereof, I mean — I guess Jamie can be as moody as she wants. And that’s where Tuesday’s episode picks up, with Jamie in the shower, having sepia-toned flashbacks of all the hell she’s been through since those house cats first congregated in that tree above an elementary school. I get where they’re going with this — Jamie has changed, you guys — and the “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” was a nice touch, but that was one long memory montage, topped off by one unsettling look at a toeless foot courtesy of an axe-wielding pilot. Anyway, it all culminates in Mitch telling Jamie about the Noah objective and how Chloe’s death-by-gas went down, followed by The Girl with the Genie Tattoo attempting to beat up an Army Ranger.

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Jackson has gotten past the Dariela business, though, and it’s on to the intel Allison promised for saving her orchard: What exactly is the “courier” and why was it Chloe’s dying word? At first Allison’s all, hold up, I’m watching CNN, but Jackson’s like, nooo, my girlfriend just died, so why don’t you tell me NOW?! So Allison dramatically pulls out a newspaper called The Worldwide Courier that features headlines like “Blood Rain Decimates Crops,” “Ants Create Lightning,” and “Earthquakes Caused by Sloths.” Sound familiar? Well, the date on this particular copy is May 23, 1895. Huh?

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