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Zoo recap: The Walls of Jericho

Fear the sloth

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Shane Harvey/CBS


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James Wolk, Nonso Anozie, Billy Burke, Nora Arnezeder
Drama, Thriller

The Animal Avengers can’t die. That’s not how this works! Sure, the rest of the Zoo world is going to mutant hell in an animal handbasket, but that doesn’t affect our five favorite world-saving “scientists.” When they get in trouble, they just chop a toe off and move on; they walk through storms of wasps to save babies, unfazed; sometimes, they die and then electric-chair each other back to life, for goodness’ sake!

So at least for now, I can’t believe we’ve lost Chloe. Not mere minutes after she told Jackson she’s in love with him. As must be stated anywhere from one to seven times per recap, Zoo is a summer show. Give us our mole earthquakes and our tunnel alligators, and leave the emotional devastation to fair JoJo over on The Bachelorette… In other words, just give us Chloe back!

While I reject any emotional advancement on this show that doesn’t have to do with a silently screaming sloth, I must also acknowledge that Tuesday’s Zoo reconnected with its main characters in a way it hasn’t since season 1. Jamie is still off in Canada head-butting ruffians, yes, but the others were really working together toward a viable lead on the cure for what felt like the first time this season. I still don’t care much for Dariela — there’s simply no place for so much negativity during an animal apocalypse — but her pain over watching Chloe’s demise right in front of her felt real. That Chloe’s last words were an effort to save Jamie was a nice reminder of what these wannabe heroes really mean to each other.

Even Mitch and Jackson’s frank conversation about Jackson’s furry little problem had an unexpected weight to it. Despite a precious daughter and her adorably kick-ass dog, Mitch has steadfastly remained a begrudging member of this world-saving Breakfast Club. He’s never seemed to care much about saving the world, but he does care about saving his friends. And Mitch talking about DNA light switches as his Love Language is exactly the maximum amount of character growth I need around here. Bring on the moles…

This episode opens in Costa Rica, on a sloth that mostly seemed to be minding its own business getting tranq-gunned out of a tree. But before we get to him, we have to check in on Jackson, who told Mitch last week that his nasty dog bite seems to have infected him with some kind of mutation. After a little testing, Mitch confirms: Jackson’s DNA has the same triple-helix mutation that Kovacs, the blood-rain vultures, and the electric ants all had. As in, his O.G. DNA has developed a whole other strand of new DNA with brand-spankin’-new genes. So that’s…bad.

The good news? Mitch says those new genes are like switches, and right now they’re still off; however, once they switch on…Jackson will turn into a mutant man, presumably. Mitch thinks they can find a way to fix him — and by proxy, all of the other animals, as they’re less complex than humans — before the switches flip. And that’s where the sloth comes in.

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Chloe has acquired some new hacking skills and discovered that Evil General Davies has abducted a precious sloth from Costa Rica, because apparently that precious sloth occasionally lets out a low-frequency sound powerful enough to generate an earthquake all on its own. Mitch is certain the sloth will have the same triple helix that could be the key to finding the cure, and as Davies is taking the little guy to Vancouver in a soundproof box, the Animal Avengers follow suit on their fancy private plane.

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