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The X Factor recap: Songs from Movies L.A. Reid Has Never Seen

The top 11 acts sing hits from film soundtracks on a rather arbitrary theme night

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Welcome back to The X Factor, which has really been blowing up on Twittah. Did you enjoy the Top 11 acts from the four judges’ cat-uh-gries on this week’s kind-of-random Movie Night? You better have voted for The Girls if you wanted Simon Cowell’s mom to live!

Let’s get started with your mom’s sassy PTA friend Stacy Francis, who almost immediately inspired Nicole Scherzinger’s “I’m Lovin’ It” Stinkface (sponsored by Pepsi) with her diva-on-steroids rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Queen of the Night” from The Bodyguard. She could have gone for the jugular with “I Will Always Love You,” complained L.A. Reid. But Stacy just wanted to step it up and dance, and executed a wild arm-gesture/holleration “dance move” during L.A.’s critique to prove it. (Agggh, we believe you, stop doing that!)

Simon would have preferred if Stacy had worn that red vinyl “distress call girl” getup at his house instead of onstage, and he didn’t like the dancing. I actually enjoyed Stacy’s backup dancers more than her vocal here. Some of those high notes were scarier than the precarious jungle gym behind her.

Opposite Day continued as Marcus Canty, who usually does dance, wanted to showcase only his vocal ability on Rose Royce’s “I’m Going Down.” Coach L.A. Reid has never heard of Xtina’s 2006 hit “Ain’t No Other Man,” but hoped the tweens would enjoy Marcus singing this song from the 1976 film Car Wash. (I love this movie! Everyone go rent Car Wash this weekend in lieu of washing your car/getting it washed.)

Marcus barely had room to shine as a singer as he was up against six unnecessary backup singers and the tremendous sparkle factor of his own unwieldy jacket. He could not get that thing off, much to fashion bug Simon’s dismay. I thought the beginning of this performance went smoothly and Marcus was very engaging, but the production ended up overwhelming him.

L.A. Reid Seated Dance Move of the Night: ‘Persisting Against Fire’

Are you there, L.A.? It’s me, Annie.

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