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The X Factor recap: Rachel Crow eliminated

<p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p>Nicole Scherzinger gets booed for sending the bottom two into deadlock; tears ensue</p><p> </p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

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X Factor Elimination

The X Factor

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After a huge hot mess of a Thursday results show featuring Mary J. Blige, lots of filler, and all of the remaining cast alternating between screaming and crying onstage at the end of the hour, the act eliminated from the X Factor laser field on December 8 was….

Rachel Crow.

The 13-year-old dramatically collapsed onto the floor after she learned she would be heading home — or into the open arms of benevolent Mr. Hollywood, who is apparently waiting in the wings on line two.

It sounded like they cut Rachel’s mic off or at least turned the volume down so that Steve Jones could do his thing. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to hear everything Rachel was scream-sobbing or if I thought it was totally gross and unfair that a child — even a child-actress type like Rachel — was being put through this ordeal in the first place. Everyone seemed out of his or her element here. Pretty uncomfortable!

Sputtering disaster Nicole Scherzinger had forced the bottom two — Rachel and Marcus Canty — into DEADLOCK by pretending to refuse to send either person home…but ultimately choosing Rachel. Here’s how she did it.

[DELICATELY DABBING EYES WITH TISSUE] “I can’t make this decision, please. Cuz I been up there and I love both of you I have to go with a deadlock please. I don’t wanna have to say that…I don’t wanna…um. Uh. I’m just gonna have….Yeah. You know…Unhhh?!…So the act that I have to [AIR QUOTES] send home is Rachel.”

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