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Grey's Anatomy recap: Go It Alone

The doctors pull an all-nighter, and the winner of the Harper Avery Award is announced

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Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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Did that really just happen? In a world where planes fall from the sky, bombs make their way into humans, and miracles happen every day, did Cristina Yang really just LOSE the Harper Avery? Look, I get that she will more than likely still win at some point in her life, but that was a major letdown for me. If you’re going to send her off, send her off with the thing she’s been working toward for the past 10 years. Then again, I’m sure this will propel her in some amazingly poetic direction that I will love a few weeks from now. But as of this moment, I’m not a very happy camper! Let’s dig in, shall we?

We picked up with Cristina packing for her 24-hour trip to Boston to attend the Harper Avery Awards. Hunt wanted to accompany her, but she assured him that she had a plan: She and Meredith were going to go to Joe’s that night to drink tequila and write her acceptance speech, and then she alone would go accept the award. Because that’s how surgeons work — they’re lone wolfs. More specifically, they’re lone wolfs who can function on very little sleep. Just ask Alex, who was pulling double shifts working at both the hospital and trying his hand at Dr. Butthole’s private practice. Spoiler: He seemed to like it.

Also not sleeping was, well, everyone. Meredith had to cancel her tequila-drinking plans with Cristina in order to look after her gastric bypass patient, and Derek had to do everything under the sun (other than put some gel in that amazing hair of his). Poor McDreamy was dropping a lot of balls this episode. And yes, I’m well aware of how strange that sounds. But it was true: Hunt was upset with him for dropping surgeries and lectures, Meredith was upset with him for handing off their kids to Callie and Arizona without telling her, and all of the trial people on the phone were mad at him for something I couldn’t understand. All I know is that these people need to calm down, because if his hair doesn’t look better soon, I’m coming after them myself.

One of two people who did get some sleep this week was Bailey, who had discovered a very inventive but very scary way to help bubble boy Braden. In order to get the necessary enzyme into Braden’s system, she was planning to piggyback it on the HIV virus. It sounded awful, but it actually made sense. I promise. Plus, it made Bailey happy, which makes a huge difference in the Grey’s universe, am I right?

So, without Mer or Alex to drink with her (and without wanting to drink with April), Cristina was forced to find someone else to help her write her speech. And after the Heart family — I know it’s not their name, but they have three kids with heart problems, so I’m going with it — had a marital meltdown, Cristina decided that she, too, would pull an all-nighter in the hospital. And it was a good thing she did, because it turned out that the Heart family was falling apart. First, Ivy rejected her heart, and then Frankie also went into heart failure and needed an LVAD (Denny!) By episode’s end, all three children were on the transplant list. Talk about the worst all-nighter in history.

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