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''Weeds'': The goods don't dry

After a serious smackdown against Heylia, Nancy plunges deeper into debt

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Monty Brinton


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Mary-Louise Parker, Justin Kirk, Kevin Nealon, Elizabeth Perkins

”Weeds”: The goods don’t dry

Folks, I stand to be corrected. Seven days ago, I wondered rather naïvely why Nancy couldn’t just ”fish out and dry” the pot that Celia so heartlessly hurled into her pool. This week we learned that doing so is (a) easier said than done, and (b) would probably diminish your plant’s potency anyhow. However, being a stickler for accuracy, I fact-checked these revelations with one of our magazine ”herbalists,” who concurred. For the record, neither of us condone smoking anything. However, this tip could come in handy should your nosy, boozy neighbor submerge your stock of, oh, priceless Chinese gunpowder tea leaves into your bird bath out back.

But I digress.

After the season 3 premiere’s clumsy bum-rush to address loose ends, I was satisfied to witness an escalating domino effect of payback in the second episode. (True, the good guys didn’t come up ahead, but these developments promise amped-up drama in the near future.) Looks like the unwaveringly chill Nancy finally reached the end of her tether. It’s one thing to wish death upon the meddling Celia for trashing your stash, but it takes some serious piss-offery to call out Heylia on all that BS she’s sent your way in the past. And as thrilled as I was to see the awesomely tough Heylia back in the fold, it’s comforting to know that in these times of crisis, mousy Nancy’s got some thug in her — even if her fighting technique does involve biting.

Of course all of this was for naught, what with U-Turn rejecting Heylia’s payoff and slapping Conrad and Nancy with absurdly inflated fines (in labor and cash, respectively). Not sure where the thus-far ineffective Heylia fits into his scheme, but I’m confident that enterprising woman will come out ahead in the future, exacting revenge on both U-Turn and Nancy. Also, I must say I really dug the book-ending effect of this week’s installment, which found Nancy throwing herself into the very Pool of Misery which kicked off the episode’s crisis.

Should I feel guilty that I took a bit of perverse pleasure in the fact Nancy’s other source of grief, the drunkety drunk Celia, got some big-time karmic payback? Okay, maybe I should. I’d like to give a big shout-out to Elizabeth Perkins for almost impossibly playing this character on both side of the aggressor/victim fence. With Dean and Isabelle emotionally cutting themselves off and Doug breaking down into a post-coital whimper over his estranged wife, the very-much-alone Celia is primed for a spectacular meltdown. Sidebar: Do people really drink hooch out of silver flasks? Discuss.

Meanwhile, I had a hard time with this rape stuff. Still, after all of U-Turn’s smack talk about violating Nancy, I gotta hand it to the dude — he kept it professional and threatened her home life instead. Oh, but poor, poor Sanjay. The kid emerges out of that closet, literally and figuratively, only to be subjected to the carnal whimsy of U-Turn’s clothing-impaired lady friend. Her verdict, ”If you want my professional opinion, that boy’s gayer than a handbag full of rainbows.” Yeah, I get it: An attempt to screw the sexuality out of Sanjay was meant to be amusing in an absurdist way, while also one-upping last week’s brilliantly subtext-y showdown-of-appendages between Doug and Dean. So here’s my advice to the Weeds brain trust: Stick with the awkward assertions of manhood — but, please, step away from the gay hate crimes.

(This week the theme song ”Little Boxes” was covered by Angelique Kidjo. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it an 8.)

What do you think? Should Celia invest in flats? Can Nancy reconcile with Heylia? And did the Sanjay situation leave you a bit disgusted?