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''Weeds'': Baring all

On ”Weeds,” breast-cancer survivor Celia bonds with Sullivan over her physical imperfections, and Nancy has a mammogram; meanwhile, Andy gets his foot in the door in porn

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Ron Jaffe


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Mary-Louise Parker, Justin Kirk, Kevin Nealon, Elizabeth Perkins

”Weeds”: Baring all

Breasts. This episode was about breasts.

But first, like last week, it started off (more or less) with a funeral. Yup, Peter’s six feet under. And thanks to his and his partner’s prodigiously shifty behavior, a covered-up investigation by the DEA’s internal affairs appears to have gotten Nancy off the hook. Lucky lady, right? If only she didn’t have this sudden obsession with Peter’s delightfully vexed ex, Valerie. Possibly bad for the MILF, but good for us: Their ominous/awkward confrontation during Nancy’s mammogram left me intrigued after an otherwise bleh episode.

I think we all knew Nancy would be back in the drug biz. But how anticlimactic was this return to dealing? (Some encouragement: With Nancy now working in bulk goods, I fully expect to see Guillermo again. Is it wrong to want them to hook up?) Love-struck Silas continues to seem pleased to play her gopher. But what of sad Shane? His ache over Mom’s inattentiveness is playing out right on track: He got himself suspended from school, then moved on to toking on the wacky tobaccy. What next? Sexual activity with a girl? Why, yes?sort of. New BFF Isabelle let him feel her up — perhaps a consolation prize after she stole his girl last episode. Seems a fair tradeoff.

In other hookup news, Nancy’s sworn off Sullivan for the time being. Good move, mama. That threw him back in gear to pursue Celia. I’d almost forgotten her poignant run-in with cancer, back in seasons past: Now, unwittingly getting Nancy’s sloppy seconds, she was humbled by her mastectomy scars and implants. It’s nice of the Weeds writers to remind us that this bitch on wheels has a human side, even if it pulled rather obviously at our heartstrings and sorta worked out a little too perfectly. I mean, did we really want to see a softer side of Sullivan? Not me. For the time being, I’m digging him as a one-dimensional charlatan, always with his sleazy eye on the shiniest prize.

Finally, I’ll give it to Andy for following his dream: starring in a porno. Also for embracing his niche appeal, however hygienically dubious it may be. Gotta say, I really do hope that there aren’t actual porn stars out there with that same special talent. On the other hand, suddenly gynecologists and their shiny instruments don’t look as menacing. So there you go?

What do you think? Where will Andy’s adventures take him next? Into what sticky situation will Nancy’s drug business take her next? Has Shane truly embraced the herb? And what is Valerie’s deal?

This week the theme song, ”Little Boxes,” was covered by Man Man. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 6.5.