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Wayward Pines recap: Pass Judgment

Margaret ventures into the wild, and there’s nothing Jason can do about it

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Sergei Bashlakov/Fox

Wayward Pines

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Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino, Melissa Leo, Terrence Howard
M. Night Shyamalan
Miniseries, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Oh, how I wish Margaret got a glimpse of Jason’s face when he realized she’d escaped. The First Generation’s lone captured female Abby (not “Abbie” — thanks for the spelling lesson, Frank!) flitted through town and beyond in this episode, driving the civilians into hiding and the secrets of some — Kerry and Rebecca — out into the open.

The panic, though, doesn’t begin immediately. The cries of Abbies beyond the fence startled people inside, but Jason‘s broadcast urging everyone to continue living normally has convinced most of the Pinesians to go about their days as usual. But when Theo returns to the lab after a night at the hospital, he sees the gruesome scene of Megan‘s murder and alerts the troops that Margaret has escaped and taken her first victim.

Could she be after more? We see her sneak through the hallways of the Pines’ headquarters, while remembering the times Megan painfully tested on her and the three shots Jason fired at the male Abbies near her. Jason and his goons immediately act to contain her escape, racing through the halls until they figure she must have gone into the tunnels. They’re on the right track: Margaret, having escaped through the weak entry points through the drainage system, winds up on a cliff, where she casually drops herself to the ground and survives the steep fall.

Margaret falls, but Kerry faces a personal uphill battle. (Sorry.) Earlier in the elevator to work, Theo told her the results of her test, explaining that, possibly because of the Abby attack that almost killed her, she won’t be able to have children. It’s a blow, and kudos to actress Kacey Rohl for selling Kerry’s pain and frustration at not being able to talk to Jason about the issue amid the chaos of Margaret’s escape. Even Theo, who broke the news, moves on almost immediately: He and Jason argue over what the town should do, and Jason finally agrees to broadcast the truth.

Of course, the truth isn’t easy to swallow. Across town, people begin bracing themselves for the Abby attack to come. At the Wayward Pines Academy, students are ushered inside (while some couples sneak away for some extra-dangerous alone time), parents take their children away from the carousel and town square, and shop owners lock their doors. Lucy and Frank, though, decide to go to Rebecca‘s, where Lucy feels safe. Even Xander joins the effort to protect his fellow survivors.

But barricading themselves inside stores and picturesque single-family homes isn’t enough. Margaret stalks through the woods, catching glimpses of Lucy and Frank on their way and the Academy couple who refused to return to the dorms. She eventually makes her way back into one of the town’s residential neighborhoods, where she attacks a First Generation soldier who just put on his uniform and stashed his weapons on his body to prepare for the hunt. After the soldier’s (I’m guessing) wife and child listen to his death (oof), Margaret drags his body into the woods, letting the blood spill all over the path.

The trail of blood confuses Theo and Adam, who have joined on the hunt for Margaret, the Abby “trophy.” They’re off-target — when they reach the soldier’s body, they realize Margaret fooled them into thinking she was hurt — and Margaret has already made her way back to Main Street, where Mario and his fellow Jason-abiding goons attempt to shoot her off the roofs, to no avail. (She’s got a super-impressive leap.) But Jason isn’t done fighting just yet, though: Standing over Megan’s body, he reminisces about her impact on his life, saying he regrets not being there for her. As he wipes away tears, he vows vengeance against the Abbies yet again, before going ahead and encouraging civilians into helping with the search around the perimeter.

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It’s a dangerous request already, but Xander has something even more dangerous in mind. He brings his secret stash of weapons to give to civilian volunteers a meeting at Wayward Beauty, where Rebecca explains how they can find the best points to stop Abbies from entering town again. After a few townspeople give Rebecca a hard time for designing the town, two civilians arm themselves and volunteer to take down Margaret, while Arlene — who totally bird-watches — donates a pair of binoculars that she definitely, absolutely does not use for spying on her neighbors.

Sure, Xander is the one pressuring Rebecca to talk to Theo about staying with Xander, but Rebecca could be the key to saving Wayward Pines. Unlike Kerry, she’s fertile — with Xander’s baby, not Theo’s — and she knows the inner workings of the town and the original one that Pilcher covered with his plan. To find a blueprint of the town from centuries ago, she rifles through Jason’s office for documents on the area, only to get caught by Kerry.

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