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Wayward Pines recap: Sound the Alarm

Rebecca built Wayward Pines, but will the female Abbie be the key to its future?

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Sergei Bachlakov/Fox

Wayward Pines

TV Show
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In Season
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Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino, Melissa Leo, Terrence Howard
M. Night Shyamalan
Miniseries, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Like unicorns, Neo, and every single snowflake, Margaret is Special. She’s the Venus to Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael — the mutant ninja turtles, not the painters. She’s the Julia Roberts to Ocean’s Eleven. She’s the Smurfette to the Smurfs. She’s — drumroll, please — a female Abbie.

The showrunners weren’t kidding when they said this would be the season of the Abbies. When the First Generation captures the female Abbie encountered by Frank at the carousel, Megan, Jason, and Kerry are thrilled to have their first female Abbie to study. A scientist at the lab nicknames her Margaret (“Abby” would have been too confusing, I guess?) and she proves promising from day one. Not only does she help calm the other captive Abbies, but she also sports a curious mark on the palm of her hand. Though Megan and Jason believe she’s just as much an animal as the male Abbies who attacked on Invasion Day, Margaret’s glances toward them hint toward something larger at play.

Theo wonders the same thing after news travels about Frank’s encounter with Margaret. He calls Kerry in to his office — sorry, Arlene — and asks to join the team researching the creatures, arguing that as a world-class surgeon, his knowledge of medical ethics will be important when it comes to studying Margaret. Megan, of course, is immediately miffed by the idea. When Kerry introduces Theo as the new head of Abbie research, she defends her methods, insisting she doesn’t use sedatives on the Abbies when studying them because it helps them examine their pain threshold. Unfortunately, when she moves forward with extracting Margaret’s cerebral spinal fluid, Margaret barely moves. So… are Abbies immune to pain, or is this just something Margaret can do?

Whatever the case, Megan’s just stumped at the events. The tests prove fruitless so far after a day of intense studying, and by the end of the day, she finds herself speaking to Margaret, insisting that even after Invasion Day and everything she’s done, it’s a good thing she can still feel some emotions — and that she still thinks about the human-Abbie coexistence. “We were never supposed to meet. Did you know that?” Megan asks her subject. “Pilcher thought we would wake up, and yes, you’d have been here, but you’d have been gone, and the Earth would belong to us again.”

Megan should have known they’d end up having to share Earth. As right as Pilcher was about the broad strokes of the future, he was wrong about so many details: For one thing, Pilcher probably never thought children would have to be forced into having sex to repopulate. Ever an idealist, he probably figured they’d kidnapped enough people to keep the population study. Yet thanks to Invasion Day and countless screwups over the course of Wayward Pines history, kids like Frank have to head to “procreation rooms” and awkwardly remember the steps Megan taught them in class. Poor Frank just can’t, well, get himself going — and when his embarrassed procreation partner points out that maybe he’s not into girls, Frank panics and asks Theo for help. Theo wonders if Frank is gay, but Frank, having grown up in “idyllic” Wayward Pines, doesn’t understand what Theo means. Feeling disgusted and calling himself “sick,” Frank fears being killed for failing procreation, and Theo assures him he’ll protect him.

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Frank’s sister, Lucy, does the same. She makes amends with him after he spilled her secret to Megan, and the two children watch a sunset and wonder about their bleak futures. Neither she nor Frank want to do what they’re told, and it’s not that they’re bratty teenagers rebelling society — they’re simply scared of what’s to come.

Not that the adults have much hope, either. Outside the fence, Adam continues to sound defeatist, insisting they’re all headed for death no matter what they try to do, and even Theresa‘s willing to stay out of Wayward Pines so she can live and die in peace near Ben’s burial site. CJ tells her she needs to talk to Adam first, and when she does, he reveals he never meant for her to wind up in Wayward Pines with Ethan. He had hoped to get rid of Ethan, but failed at his entire plan. And as Theresa puts it, she’ll never forgive him for ruining her family, even if they’re now stuck together for the rest of their miserable lives.

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