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Wayward Pines recap: A Reckoning

Everyone learns the truth … just in time to maybe get eaten by monsters.

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Liane Hentscher/Fox

Wayward Pines

TV Show
Current Status:
In Season
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Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino, Melissa Leo, Terrence Howard
M. Night Shyamalan
Miniseries, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

So, the truth is out. Not out there, but just out. In the open. In the middle of the town square, where reckoned blood spills and trucks explode and fellowship gatherings crumble under the weight of their own popcorn machines.

The truth is revealed, finally, after Ethan holds a fake reckoning for Kate in order to gather all of the townspeople together at once. It’s crazy that most of the time, everyone in Wayward Pines seems to be in the same place anyway, but now that things are so out of hand, the only way to get a group together anymore is by calling a reckoning (which should ring true with anyone who has ever organized a brunch).

With the crowd gathered, Ethan tells them that the world outside Wayward Pines no longer exists, and that they should be turning against Pilcher instead of each other. Poor Pilcher—he rips them apart from the millennia they once knew and forces them to rebuild society, and this is the thanks he gets?! In retaliation, he decides to cut off all the power to his dissenting Pinesians—and unknowingly leaves the town open to the Abbies, who have now descended on the un-electrified fence.

Mercy, how did we get here!? Let’s rewind.

In the aftermath of last week’s truck crash scandal (which I’m calling Gategate), we’ve got a population confused. Ethan has managed to repair the fence and fend off the Abbies for another day, but he and Pilcher agree that things are out of control—and they’re quick to place the blame on each other. “This happened because they didn’t know what was really out there,” says Ethan. “No, this happened because what you’re doing isn’t working anymore,” counters Pilcher, maintaining that the answer to stopping it all is reckoning Kate, in a cut-the-head-off-the-suburban-snake kind of move. Pilcher even goes so far as to bring up the Easter Bomber to convince Ethan that killing Kate is the right move to winning back loyalty. Way harsh, Tai.

Ethan, deep down, knows it’s true, but he gives his peaceful method one last try. He successfully convinces Harold Ballinger to give up the names of the members of the resistance who aren’t jailed or dead—and upon delivering the 14 names to Pilcher, they look through the security cameras and discover that they’re too late. The pack of rebels has removed their chips and are currently MIA from all surveillance. Fun!

So there are insurgents on the loose, and unbeknownst to Ethan, there’s a rogue group of millennials prowling the town, intent on doing what Ethan won’t. They’re a trio of sexy twentysomethings who call themselves “Class One of the Academy,” and they take the “no cracks in the ark” Fisherism very seriously. They storm the sheriff’s office like a gang of Western outlaws, demanding a reckoning for the jailed members of the resistance. Arlene, who is inexplicably forced to sit at the receptionist desk amid TOWN-WIDE TERRORIST ATTACKS AND VIOLENCE, does the miraculous job of shooing the boys away… but not for long.

Over at the hospital, Ben has decided to give a speech to Class One and the rest of his culty classmates, who have shown up outside the hospital to hear from their fallen hero. Amy’s health has taken a turn for the worse, and gentle Ben has Mrs. Fisher in his ear telling him to be a leader and take a stand against his father. In front of the First Generation (who show their support by chanting and pounding their fists like an epic game of Rock-Paper-Scissor is ahead), Ben renounces his father’s behavior. Ethan, seeing his son’s disappointment via surveillance, storms out of the mountainside and back into town.

The rousing speech moves the rogues to return to the sheriff’s station, now completely unhinged. Their leader—one Jason Higgins—is the most deranged, and Kate tries to calm him down, reminding him of a toy soldier he once purchased when he was a little boy. (Perhaps it’s because of Harold’s awful toys that Jason is so angry in the first place.)

Jason’s two cohorts seem moved by the persuasion, but Jason steams ahead, loading up on weapons, punching Kate in the face (arguably the most shocking moment of the whole episode) and wrestling Harold to the ground. He gains the upper hand and lines up the resistance, execution-style, and makes them recite the rules of Wayward Pines before blowing them all in the head. Harold mouths “I love you” to Kate right before he’s reckoned. Jason turns the gun on Kate, but just as he’s taking aim, Ethan blasts through the wall and saves the day. Well, what’s left of it.

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