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The Voice recap: A Little Bit of Bam Bam

More blind auditions (including Lady Gaga’s backup singer) give you more bam! for your buck

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The Voice
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The Voice

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Did you realize that we’ve already reached the eighth round of blind auditions? Since the third season of The Voice premiered, all the sand in Bora Bora has passed through the hourglass, redwood trees have grown multiple rings, and Cee Lo’s cockatoo has celebrated its 140th birthday. Yikes. Time has passed.

But somehow, the coaches have lots of energy left. And they’ll need it. Because they’ll still see more joking from Blake. More flirting from Cee Lo. More reverse-psychology arguments about why someone should pick Adam. More of that I-might-push-the-button-no!-haha!-I’m-not-gonna-really-push-the-button! psych-outs from Christina. So let’s buck up and join them.

Speaking of the passing of time, Nathalie Hernandez, the night’s first contestant, might be younger than Cee Lo’s vintage sunglasses. (Which are amazing.) She’s only fifteen, and with her floral-print dress and her hair done up in braids, she makes my tender little girl-heart ache. So innocent! Her song choice, Taylor Swift’s high school fantasy “White Horse,” feels age-appropriate, and the sincerity fits her perfectly. Thank goodness this little lady isn’t trying to take on a life-weary Mary J. Blige song.

Her voice is a little shaky, but her natural tone is charming. (Teenage Voice contestants take note: you don’t all have to force yourself to sing like Lana Del Rey.) She gets two button slams right away. But she ends up picking Christina, who’s kind of like a white horse for Nathalie, if white horses galloped around in gladiator stilettos.

Rod Michael is not quite as lovable as Natalie. He’s amazingly cocky for a 31-year-old guy who used to be in a boy band: he concludes every sentence with the phrase “when I was over in Europe,” just to stress how famous he was over there. But his version of Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” fails to impress, and he walks away without a single vote. Sorry, guy. They were rooting for you in Germany, Spain, and Lithuania!

Caitlin Michele steps up next, and it’s clear from her cool, blue-tipped red hair and her cute nose ring that she’s going to fill the show’s Artsy Rocker Girl vacancy. Caitlin says she suffers from panic disorder, but she seems pretty confident on stage, belting out “Cosmic Love” by Florence + the Machine. Her notes aren’t all pitch-perfect: when she flubs one, the cameras cut to Cee Lo shaking his head Nuh-uh! But she has enough power to climb the song’s ladder of ascending notes. Plus, as Adam says, “I really just care about different, and you were different.” It’s no wonder that Caitlin goes with Adam. There’s no better way to charm the resident Artsy Rocker Girl than by telling her she’s not normal.

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