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''Veronica Mars'': Talk about last night's show!

After seeing last night’s episode of the ”Veronica Mars,” how do you think the big mysteries of the season are going to be resolved? Weigh in!

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”Veronica Mars”: Talk about last night’s show!

Welcome to the Veronica Mars TV Watch. I’m your host, Jeff ”Leaky Brain” Jensen, the guy who loves VM but can’t keep all the subplots straight, and often forgets to mention crucial details, like the bloody Oscar in Lilly Kane’s backyard, or Veronica’s discovery that she has contracted an STD. I’m also the guy who’s been bitterly complaining about the erratic scheduling of the show by UPN’s affiliates — and apparently, they did it again last night in New York, where VM fans found an NBA game instead of last night’s riveting episode, the penultimate outing of the season.

That meant that the New York colleague who was going to fill in for me (while I attended to things Lost) missed the show. So in lieu of the full TV Watch treatment, I’m providing you with some burning questions to discuss as we all eagerly await next week’s Everything Gets Explained season finale.

1. Now, more than ever, Mayor Woody Goodman (the Gute!) seems to be a very, very, very, very dirty middle-aged man. Last night’s episode seemed to confirm the dark theory we’ve been postulating here for weeks: that ”Mr. Goodwood” is a child molester and he blew up the bus to keep two of his victims quiet. Question: Do you, like me, suspect we’re being set up for a major twist here?

2. Aaron Echolls — the Big Bad of season 1; Lilly Kane’s killer — is back, and it appears another season-finale showdown with Veronica is in the offing. (Remember, the washed-up movie star and horndog tried to murder the teen detective last year.) Question: Do you buy the theory that Aaron masterminded the bus catastrophe to get revenge against Veronica?

3. While we’re on the Aaron tip: Are you buying the possibility that the guy didn’t kill Lilly Kane after all?

4. I still think Jackie has something to do with…something. Maybe she didn’t hatch the bus-explosion scheme, but I can’t shake the suspicion that she’s involved in…something. Here’s a theory: Jackie knew about her father’s dark gambling-debt secrets. Jackie may be aware of even more skeletons in Daddy’s closet — maybe stuff we don’t know. Jackie feels betrayed. She’s also more than a bit miffed that her life has been so recklessly jeopardized if not already ruined by her father’s addictions and indiscretions. Jackie wants Daddy to pay; Jackie wants Daddy out of her life. So she engineered the bus disaster and framed her father for it. Or she’s been framing her father for the crime post facto — meaning she didn’t blow up the bus but she’s been taking advantage of the opportunity that the bus crash presents to get rid of Daddy.

5. Or am I crazy?

Talk back!