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''Veronica Mars'': Investigating a mystery date

On ”Veronica Mars,” our girl discovers that her classmate’s lost love is a hooker; plus, Logan reveals a secret, and Keith plays dress-up to investigate Dean O’Dell’s murder

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Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars: Scott Humbert

Veronica Mars

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”Veronica Mars”: Investigating a mystery date

Ahhhh…that’s the sound of Veronica Mars breathing in a gulp of fresh air after emerging from the great big underground black hole it’s been dwelling in all season. Two solid episodes in a row — has our beloved show finally regained its mojo?

I’m feeling optimistic. With the dreadfully drawn-out rape story line finally put to rest, last night’s episode felt like a return to the old Neptune we know and love. Keith stuck to the Dean O’Dell murder case (clearly the Next Big Story Line) and, clad in his old sheriff’s uniform, questioned the ladies of Lilith House. (Which reminds me: Why must bull-size nose rings be television shorthand for women’s-studies majors?) Meanwhile, Veronica delivered some superb zingers (”You didn’t get all sweaty in your Wookiee suit, did you?”) and even took a lovely little dig at that plastic-bag-floating-in-the-air scene from American Beauty. It was all in the name of collecting evidence for her investigation into Max the Cheater’s kindred nerd spirit, Chelsea.

Or at least that’s who the poor fool thought she was. Turns out Chelsea the Fan of Battlestar Galactica and Loyal Attendee of Comic-Con wasn’t CtFoBGaLAoCC at all but Wendy the Hooker, a workin’ girl hired by Max’s friends to take his virginity. ”She’s the first girl who touched where his bathing suit covers,” one friend told Veronica. (Love that taunting of Standards and Practices, don’t you?) Our heroine located Wendy and learned that no, she didn’t deflower Max because yes, they really did have a connection. Max then paid Wendy’s done-up, amply cleavaged madam ten grand to buy out what was left on her whoring contract, only to be abandoned once more. Wendy skipped town, explaining in a note how she can’t stand that Max doesn’t look at her with the same lovey-dovey eyes he did before discovering her tawdry secret.

Now, I’m as big a sucker for a gushy love story as the next gal, but the whole pretty-hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold story line was a little saccharine for my taste. Personally, I like my TV hookers mean, conniving, and even a little bit ugly. There was a moment when Veronica suspected that Wendy was conning Max, which would have made for a far more interesting plot. If the dude is gonna get jilted either way, why not just make Wendy a scammer?

Maybe because that would have meant breaking too many hearts in one episode. After last week’s LoVe reunion, the couple shared a sweet pillow-talk moment, baring their souls over Leonard Cohen’s ”A Thousand Kisses Deep.” Logan told Veronica that he’s slept with exactly zero hookers (whew!), finally spilled his guts on what Mercer might have done to him in Mexico while he raped Hearst coeds, and admitted that he’d ”fooled around” during their breakup. Which, of course, we all assumed was a reference to his in-car hookup with the trashy surfer chick.

But, oh, the betrayal! Turns out Logan got busy with Veronica’s sworn enemy, Madison Sinclair. And that, TV Watchers, sets up some seriously juicy material for next week.

What do you think? Do the feminists have Dean O’Dell’s blood on their hands? How do you like your TV hookers? Is Logan’s latest bad-boy behavior reason enough for Veronica to dump him once and for all? And as the coming attractions showed, is Veronica really preggers?