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Any time there’s a Jax and Brittany-centric episode of Vanderpump Rules, I have to consult social media for a spoilery update as to whether they’re actually going to weather the storm (again) this time. As of last week, the two are still all smiles and together, per Brittany’s Twitter page, but during tonight’s show, her friends (?) sure do put on a show of trying to steer her in another direction.

And while all the girls are united in support of Brittany, the dividing lines between them resurface when the subject of Ariana’s brother’s behavior at Katie and Tom’s wedding comes up. On the one hand, he seems like a decent dude in general, considering he saved Sur from total destruction and treats Billie Lee very nicely. On the other, video receipts prove that Stassi & Co. aren’t making it up when they say he was on his worst behavior at the reception, so Ariana’s reaction is a bit extreme. It’s rare when Stassi and Kristen are sort of the right ones in a frenemy feud with Ari, but here we are. Let’s walk through what’s happening in this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

First, there’s James, who’s enjoying an emotional reunion with his father, Andros. There’s a lot to be learned about the dramatic, drunken DJ from his dad, a music man who previously managed George Michael and even earned the “man about town” distinction from Lisa Vanderpump back in the ’80s. Apparently Andros’ divorce from James’ mom has had an impact on his happiness (and perhaps sobriety). It’s a humanizing story line to see James in, but then he comes right out with his prediction that he and Lala have some grand future together on the Grammys stage, and we’re right back to face-palm status. Next.

Brittany throws Jax a party at Hooters, and while most everyone shows up, they’re all a little perplexed as to why she’s being so generous to the same guy who cheated on her just a few weeks ago. Between this party and the electric drum set, even Jax’s friends are wondering what his motivation is to stay and not stray again.

For Brittany, she’s simply taking her mother’s advice to give it 100 percent and not dwell on the past, but to everyone else, she looks sad. Luckily, the Toms know just how to break the tension of the evening by whipping out matching man rompers for them to strut around in, and suddenly it’s not the Hooters waitresses on display anymore.

Later, while Scheana’s got her own relationship issues to sort through (since Rob’s been openly telling people he’s not in love with her and feels pressured by her pep about their relationship, apparently), she’s leading the charge on getting Brittany out of her funk with Jax. In fact, she’s got her eye on a potential new suitor for the Southern sweetheart: Adam, the handsome new bartender back at Sur.

Just as Scheana is going full throttle with Rob, she’s also not holding back about Brittany. She invites her (but not Jax) out for drinks, and look who shows up in the empty seat next to her but Adam. Brittany’s already had to question her relationship with Jax once that day, since she finally told her father what happened with Jax, and her dear daddy has never quite been sold on the guy anyway. Brittany’s dad makes the point that at 38, Jax pretty much is who he is always going to be, so if she was hoping he might change, she may be in for a(nother) rude awakening. Just ask Stassi Schroeder about that one, yeah?

For now, though, Brittany’s standing by her man, full-on Tammy Wynette-style. She can’t just make her feelings disappear in a snap, no matter what he’s done, so she continues to be in love with Jax, despite how much he’s embarrassed and hurt her. That said, Scheana’s surprisingly salient words about how she knows what it’s like to wake up and lie to herself about everything being okay (she’s probably talking about the Shay situation, but it’s just as relevant now) seem to sink in with Brittany. (Recap continues on page 2)

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