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The Vampire Diaries recap: 'The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get'

Damon’s attempt to see Elena doesn’t go according to plan, and one life is forever changed.

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Vampire Diaries Recap
Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley
The CW

We all knew Elena wasn’t going to be able to get her memories back the moment Alaric took them away. That would be too easy. And The Vampire Diaries doesn’t do easy… unless it’s Jo saving Alaric with special gauze inside the Mystic Falls border so he’s no longer a vampire. And even though you could guess Elena wouldn’t magically recall all said memories the moment she saw Damon—before the promo for next episode spoiled it—you had to find yourself excited as he went to see her at the end of the hour. That feeling, the one you had just thinking about watching them fall in love again, is what’s going to make this arc fun to watch. Here we go.

We open with Ivy and two guys being driven into Mystic Falls by Tripp. We think she might break free of her chains, but no, they all suffer their original deaths again. We see Damon and Stefan decide that to spare everyone additional pain, they’ll lie and say Damon was alone the last few months in his “flannel hellscape”; Bonnie was somewhere else. Alaric wants to lift Elena’s compulsion, but she’s happy in her new life and doesn’t want to go back to the drama. Alaric says he’ll do it when she asks, and he hopes she’ll ask.

Damon goes to Elena’s dorm room and she won’t let him in. They end up looking like they’re in a Britney Spears perfume ad, both touching the same part of the wall on opposite sides of the door. Finally, he threatens to kick the door down (kinda hot, kinda creepy), and she unlocks it. But when he opens it, he realizes she’s jumped out the window.

I’m glad Stefan told her that was a dumb move since anyone could have seen her do it. She phones him from the hospital, where she’s gone to avoid Damon. She admits she kissed Liam and is probably only half-joking when she suggests Damon might kill him. We really are at a place where Stefan and Elena are just friends, huh? She ends that call to do some sleuthing on Jo, who Alaric had said can’t be compelled. Her coffee had no vervain.

Meanwhile, Matt is doing the ol’ “Oops, I spilt some of your blood ration” routine with Enzo when Tripp returns to tell Enzo he’s losing his patience. He stumbled onto Ivy and killed her, but if Enzo doesn’t reveal the names of his friends, he’s going to go for a ride as well. Now, Matty Blue Eyes has to tell Alaric and Caroline, who insists on rescuing Enzo if only so she can kill him for getting caught. How hilarious is Matt searching Tripp’s computer for files on “vampire” and “Mystic Falls deaths”? Sarah busts him because she’s looking for information on her family, and they agree to snoop together.

Damon gets his reunion with Alaric, who explains why he won’t compel back Elena’s memories until she asks. I really thought Damon was going to snap Alaric’s neck when he hesitated while leaving, but taking the bottle of bourbon was enough punishment, really.

Caroline and Stefan bicker on their way to the location where Tripp is holding Enzo. No matter what Stefan says, it’s wrong. He’s only helping Caroline now so Damon will forgive him for getting Enzo caught. My local CW affiliate, for some reason, ran six minutes of commercials around this time, so I missed Caroline and Stefan discovering that Enzo was no longer inside.

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